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PC Revue | iRobot comes with a new robotic vacuum cleaner and a cloth

IRobot launches other robotic innovations. The Roomba S9 + and Braava jet m6 robotic vacuum cleaners belong to the latest generation of cleaning robots and unify their technology and the iRobot Imprint Link for joint action. Apart from both, this technology is also available for the last year's top model Roomba i7 +.

The Robotic Roomba s9 + vacuum cleaner, thanks to the advanced 3D sensor, the new powerful cleaning system and the PerfectEdge technology, provides the deepest cleaning the user.

PerfectEdge that includes 30% wider rubber brushes for different surfaces and a specially designed corner brush. Brushes use rubber blades that stay in constant contact with different surfaces – from solid floors to carpets.

They are flexible and adapt to the surface to catch everything from dust and dirt to hair and large dirt. The specially designed corner brush has five arms that can extract dirt and debris from the depths of corners and along the walls and direct them to the path of the robot to be sucked.

Roomba s9 + includes a new powerful cleaning system with up to 40 times stronger suction than the previous generation of Roomba robots. When Roomba s9 detects a rug or rug, a more powerful Power Boost mode is activated to remove dirt and dirt that is deep in carpet fibers.

Cleaning is enhanced with walls and outer corners. The new navigation system creates a precise map of the space where after a few scrubs can show the area of ​​clearance. With a mobile application, the robot can be controlled over the Internet and planned cleaning. The delivery also includes an innovative emptying station that allows unattended cleaning for more than a week.

Numerous robotic mopeds have come up with innovation and come with the new Braava m6 model. The newsletter uses an innovative iRobot Imprint link that allows the same navigation as the Roomba S9 +. The biggest innovation in the new line is the possibility of working between two devices. Mobile applications can now be used to clean both devices at the same time. The application will ensure that after suction from Roomba S9 + it begins with a Braava jet m6 crushing. For each robot, the cleaning area can be set independently.

iRobot Roomba S9 + is available for € 1499, and Braava for € 599.

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