Tuesday , July 27 2021

Red Tesla and Starman have already missed Mars

The company did not forgive the famous novel of science fiction.

The Red Tesla Roadster with the "Starman" figurine that launched SpaceX at the beginning of February, Mars has already passed. These days, from the sun, will come to the farthest point of his path. An interesting company prominent via Twitter account. The theme was Space.com.

Tweet is a simple sketch of the orbit of the planet's inner part of the Solar System along with the path mentioned by Tesla. This shows that Tesla is approximately the most distant point of the Sun, about 257 million kilometers. That's it about a third less, from source data from the company's leader.

Let's add that Tesla and Starman entered the universe in the first a sharp rocket test Falcon Heavy. It was just artificial. But the company also equipped the camera, and there are so many four-hour "driving" records on YouTube. More information about Tesla and Starman trajectories, along with other attractions in a separate article.

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