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Russia has said it is innocent: ordering a mafia murder? I should be mentally ill

On Thursday, Mikulas Černák and his former companion, Milos Kaštan, were convicted. A day later, the head of Sir Robert Lalias, known under the nickname of Kýbel, points out Pavol Ruska. The first couple of indictees admitted allegedly preparing for the murder of Silvie Volz. The other two said they were innocent.

Listening in case of an alleged

Source: Topky / Vlado Angel

After a brief conversation with Lališ, who among other things said that he did not commit the offense, as never happened, was followed by the speech of Paul of Russia. "It may sound paradoxically somewhat, but I was delighted with this moment," said at the beginning. But gradually he became nervous.

PHOTO Case preparation for murder of Volga: Chernok sang despite illness, shocked by Russia

Decade process

Since the defendants in the case of three people who are afraid of the Mafia circles and a former politician, it could be said that this is a decade process. The security measures are extremely strict, everything is kept behind the walls of the prison. All-peer peers are respected. Likewise, the words of three men who are convicted of murder. The teeth should also smack Volzovo. Now he is afraid to come to Slovakia and testify.

Discussion takes place under strict security measures.

Listening in case of an alleged

Source: Topky / Vlado Angel

Indeed, according to the indictment, they planned to abduct it in 1997, to redesign their share in Markisi Slovakia towards Russia and then kill him. But the only plaintiff who, although he has an hourglass bracelet, sees it differently. The licensing council should withdraw ownership structure change, otherwise television may lose the license. According to Russia, the interest in liquidation of Volta would be illogical. "I should be mentally ill, and I'm not." He said.

One murder, please

Černák and Kaštan agreed that the first meeting in 1997 in Banska Bistrica was initiated by Russia. The compound was supposed to be Ján Kováčik, the current president of the Football Association. Both sides believed that he had a good relationship with him. But Russia was supposed to shock the mafia at the meeting. He should have been nervous, but he must say that he wants the Volga to solve it as he did with Vladimir Bachled. After a few months before their meeting, the country fell. The fact that Russia knew it at all and that it was so surprising.

Russia said it was

Source: Topky / Vlado Angel

"Will I sit down and say," I ask for a murder? " arguing about Russia's head. At his meeting, according to his testimony, he was concerned about his own life and the life of his family. He wanted to find out if, on the contrary, there was no warrant for his liquidation. It was necessary to inform him through the head of his government secretary, Anna Nagy, that he "went" through his security chief. He explained that he considered it a real threat of the nineties. Moreover, he did not trust the police. But the guard did not confirm his words.

First spotted in court with Russia and the mafia: The prosecutor caught Russia, its version has a crack

According to Černáka and Kaštan, Russia offered the fatty spot for the murder of Volc. "Because it was such a big event, we were approaching responsibility" said Černák. They also contacted Titans, who were at that time in the capital. However, on Friday, their former Lališ boss denied it. He said he saw Russia three times in his life, twice in court. He claimed he did not even know Volgu.

Russia said it was

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The case was adjourned on September 20th. Volz should also be present. But her representative, Roman Kvasnica, said on Thursday he was worried about her life. The question is whether it comes. More about the discussion on Thursday can be read here.

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