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Samsung Galaxy celebrates today. Popular phones today have 10 years!

It was written on June 29, 2009, and Samsung has launched one of the first smartphones running on the new operating system – Android. He called the Samsung Galaxy (without S) and reminded us of the phones we knew before. It had 10 hardware keys, a small screen and big ambitions.

Ten years ago, Samsung had no idea what this could have in its cool, smart department. Looking at the Samsung Galaxy, you could say how successful it is. He did not have a graceful design and his specifications were also not particularly pleasing. But he was a warrior ready to face the new king of the phone – the iPhone. After ten years we must admit that it has succeeded in a great style.

Samsung Galaxy: Small, slow and extremely important

A small Samsung Galaxy (GT-I7500) 3.2-inch AMOLED resolution display 320 x 480 pixels, one core processor with tact 528 MHz. 128 MB of RAM. 8 GB expandable memory 5 Mpx camera, support for HSDPA and 3.5 mm headphone output.

Samsung takes on new treasures he was not twice responsibleThe phone market followed Android 1.5 Cookiehe stayed 1 yearperform the update Android 1.6 Donut Only facilities in some parts of the world were procured.

Korean electronics manufacturer a year later she pressed the sawwhen he introduced the world Samsung Galaxy S, He was faster, more equipped and more accessible in more countries. In his "blood", however, he still had the first attempt of a year ago, still moving with a series of Galaxy.

Smart phone flags have grown in the last 10 years.

Samsung Galaxy: Golden Time

The following year they were a gold mine for Samsung. People went to see news from an alternative manufacturer workshop to kill the iPhone. Samsung is sold 25 million Galaxy S. 40 million Galaxy S II, 60 million Galaxy S3 and worse 80 million Galaxy S4, That was a paradise for Samsung.

Galaxy Design With smart phones that we know today, Samsung has started to build from Galaxy S3. His other phones were more consistent, and the brand "Galaxy" became more prominent. Smartphone smartphones brought some innovations that the world of smartphones so far did not know.

The original Samsung Galaxy today celebrates its tenth anniversary.

Samsung Galaxy: innovation in the first place

For example, Samsung was first he fitted his main boat water resistance, And Samsung was just against the current and allegations of poor Steve Jobs and introduced the original Galaxy Note with the bigger one. 5.3 "screenHe really did it at the time of the show he had no analogy.

As years passed, Samsung continued to "pay" Apple with the ability to bring a smarter and more exciting smartphone to the market. Over time, numerous Galaxy devices have expanded to other categories of devices such as tablets and smart clocks. Samsung will present Galaxy Note 10, which is expected to be the best Samsung ever. But from time to time it is nice to turn around and look at the events that led to this moment.

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