Wednesday , June 23 2021

Scientists from Harvard say humanity has noticed the creation of alien civilization

Sounds crazy, but with a similar conclusion came the relevant Harvard scientists.

Charming name and indefinite origin. Still, we can mark the body Oumuamua. He has arrived literally nowhere and received the great attention of world scientists and media. If they wanted to explore it more thoroughly, they should do it very quickly, because in a relatively short time due to the gravity of the Sun she turned again, And they took advantage of a unique opportunity and set up all the important devices.

At the same time, it was the first object to come out of the Solar System. Specifically, from interstellar space. In the meantime he got a lot of funny names. He felt he was comets, asteroids, planets whether extraterrestrial probeSo, as you read about it on the Internet, do not think it was written once.

Scientists from Harvard say humanity has noticed the creation of alien civilization

The first source of laity to apply is Wikipedia. And there is the first division. For example, in the Czech version of the site, Oumuam is defined as comet, in English as a hyperbolic asteroid. But what is immutable is the fact. Its diameter should be about 400 meters. The officer should therefore be around comet.

This claim, however, contradicts the study from Shmuela Bialyho and Abraham Loeb from the world-renowned Harvard University (especially from the Center for Astrophysics). Both claim that Oumuam is not a comet. Of course, they did not just give their final impressions, and the resulting opinion supports, for ordinary people, complicated mathematical calculations.

First, it does not fit in shape. The object is unusual longitudinal. If, however, this was a comet, observational scientists should begin to prove indisputable evidence during their approach to the Sun. Observations have shown that the body lacks a very important point in its current classification, namely tailHe did not even appear close to the star, which is not happening.

The mysterious object is shown below in the form of a small orange dot. Moving at a speed of 26 kilometers per second:

Scientists from Harvard say humanity has noticed the creation of alien civilization

At the same time, there is a lack of rotation and release of gases. That's why they began to think and speculate about what really went on Earth. Their conclusion is that they are most likely to appear in the possibility of conspiracy. The first is that Oumuama is the rest of our unknown civilization, It can be a simple, forgotten, dysfunctional, lost or unnecessary technology that blurs the universe.

As a second conclusion, they say they do not rule out the possibility of a functional extraterrestrial satellite or probe. His perfect shape could be a deliberately sent aircraft. Moreover, when it began to move from the sun, it accelerated. Has anyone come to collect some information or just move systematically from one star to another? Does she fulfill any purpose of foreign intelligent beings?

Unfortunately, we do not want to leave each second and we will never find out what's going on until the end of ages. It will for a long time be one of the greatest mysteries of the modern age.

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