Monday , March 1 2021

Select: Apple Payment and Salute Chemical Processing?

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When the code is unnecessary

Several SSD drives – also popular Samsung models – offer hardware data encryption. It is very easy to break. But there is a way to reduce the risk.

Infected devices are likely to become part of a botnet soon (illustration).

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Hardware hard disk encryption can be bypassed


Will we pay for apples?

The Germans will soon pay mobile payments through Apple Pay. For a short while, I guess I will come to the advice of the Czech and Slovak.

The service also comes to the surrounding country.

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Payments via Apple Pay will soon be released to Germany. They come to the Czech Republic


Appka ZSSK

The National Railways Operator will soon launch a new e-commerce ticket, but is currently launching at least its mobile application. However, we do not currently have many features that we have to wait for. It's just for Android.

Illustration illustration

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You can download the train purchase application


Will the analogy of the "chemical" planets help?

If you throw the frogs in boiling water, they will jump right out of it. When you put it on the cold and the water begins to slowly warm up, you say slowly that it is alive. Humanity is alive on the planet of warming.

Burning Earth

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We cook in our own sauce. Will Geoengineering Will Save Us?


Watch a video from a great Assassin's Creed Odyssey review:


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