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Slovak team in Košice? It was not risky, but that was a challenge, says René Fasel

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Highlights of ice hockey championships in Slovakia. Only final and bronze matches remain in the tournament. That is why René Fasel scored the World Cup day before the finals. According to him, the tournament was successful, but he pointed out that Košice was not enough for this tournament format.

Finland has fired star Russia and will play gold again in Bratislava

In Steel Arenas, the team also played matches that many have been condemned before the championship. Despite the lower capacity of the winter season in Košice, up to 436,000 spectators saw matches to Saturday, and the organizers expected up to 450,000 fans.

"The atmosphere in Bratislava and Košice was incredible. Especially in the East, where we had a home team. But I can not say it was risky, but that was a challenge. However, Bratislava had a Czech team and Russia, creating a really special atmosphere. was a 69-year-old native of Freiburg.

Lower stadium capacity could jeopardize Slovakia's bid to organize other world championships in the future. Over the past two years, matches have been played in theaters with a capacity of at least 12,000. Arena skulls have only 8,347 places.

"We have already discussed this in the federation. The closest championship could be held in 2026 or 2027 in Slovakia, but it can be risky. Of course, the arena in Košice is not what we need, this year it was a border case. "

– I think you need to build a new, bigger arena. I do not want to talk about 20,000 stadiums, but it would be acceptable with about 14,000 places if you want to be successful with another candidate, and so on René Fasel.


Fasel also commented on the possible involvement of NHL players at the Winter Olympics in Beijing in 2022. "I spoke briefly with the executive director of NHLPA on Don Fehrom on Friday, and will depend a lot on the text of a new collective agreement between the NHL leadership and the gambling association. It would be best to start discussing a new contract as soon as possible and include NHL participation at the Olympic Games. "

"I know (NHL Commissioner) Gary Bettman hates giving up the contract, but we need to know the last possible date for NHL participation at the Winter Olympics, as of September 2020, so we could have prepared the hockey tournament in advance. 100% stake in NHL hockey players in Beijing.

"We need to show our product at the highest possible level. I'm happy that many NHL players came to the World Cup. They are not here for money – enough financially enough to pay their policies – but to represent their country and end the season in a positive spirit. "


René Fasel

René Fasel

Source: TASR

René Fasel also touched the goal of examining goals in the goal area. During this year's tournament several times have happened that the judges subsequently appealed to the recognized goal. This happened in the Czech Republic match against Sweden but also on Tomas Tatara's defeat against Canada, where Richard Panik defended the opposing goalkeeper in the game.

"If we condemn the scoring goals, we will basically kill the spirit of hockey games, and we are not discussing when the player misses the goal, that's just a mistake." Judges must not do that. "

"After a controversial assignment in the NHL play-off, Joe Pavelski recently said that any abuse should be judged by the record." But they would kill the game, that's Pandora's box. I am inclined to decide on arbiters because they have a sense of play, "added René Fasel, who since 1994 has been the head of the IIHF.

Despite the great effort to go hockey, he will soon be in the office. For the next year, his term is over and he has long since admitted that he will no longer be running for the World Hockey Leader.

"I still feel the energy, but I'll leave before I'm released," Fasel laughed. – It's always better to leave when you can stay. But I'm not even about hockey.



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