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Slovakia should have a representative in Marrakech

President Andrej Kiska has the opposite attitude as co-rapporteur Robert Fico (Smer-SD) and Andrew Dank (CIS) on our participation at a conference in Marrakech.

"President Andrej Kiska is concerned about the government's crisis over the resignation of Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak for the foreign-political orientation of Slovakia, and this is the topic that focuses on these days," Kiska said in Roman Krpelan.

"The president is convinced that Slovakia needs to have a representative at a conference to interpret the opinion of the Parliament and the government, as is the case with any major international event such as the NATO Summit or the EU summit," Krpelan added to,

The main topics of the international conference in Morocco include the UN Global Compact for Migration. The Slovak Parliament did not approve it a few days ago, and Fico and Dank insist not to send a diplomat to Marrakesh. They claim we will subscribe to this box.

Contrary to the agreement on participation and migration was held by Minister Lajcak, who on Friday resigned from the resignation of the president.

Most want a Slovakian representative

The head of the National Council of National Council, Catherine Cséfalvay (Most-Hid) for TASR, said ministers behind the North would be in charge of the government to visit a Slovak representative at a conference in Marrakech.

"There is still a president whose government should not influence the fact that they are participating or not, so the issue is open," Cséfalvay said, thinking our attitudes must be interpreted by our partners.

The President did not answer the question for if in the absence of Slovak diplomats personally attending this conference.

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