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Sneaky people Anna Šišková: musicians, directors and … 15 year old actor!

Anna Šišková was born on June 30, 1960 in Zilina. Already during her studies at the gymnasium she woke her up to her acting. After graduation she became a member of the theater Jonáš Záborský in Prešovo.

Thus Anna Šišková looked at 1993.

Anna Šišková

Source: Astorka Korzo 90 Theaters

The blonde worked in several theaters. There are a number of series at the concert (Zborovňa, Airport, Throw Groundhog, Hot Blood, Cowardly, Secret Life, Sisters) and movies (We Need to Help, Cruel Joy, Little Celebration, Bratislava Film, Dirt).

Anna Šišková in the movie We need to help.

Anna Šišková

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Anna Šišková in the series Fire Chicken.

Anna Šišková

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The smiling actress did not have too much pink in love life. As a young woman, she fell in love with musician Jaro Philip, who was then married. Shishka gave her daughter Dorothy. However, director Juraj Nvota has raised it. She has Terez's daughter with him.

Juraj Nvota

Sneaky Men Anna Šišková:

Anna Šišková with her daughter Terez.

Sneaky Men Anna Šišková:

Source: Jan Zeměar

However, Nvote and Šiškove's marriage was marked by unbelief. The blonde fell in love with a 15-year-old Juraja Kemku, a younger colleague. When their romance overturned, the director divorced from the actress. Kemka, too.

Juraj Kemka and Anna Šišková met on the stage in 2015.

Sneaky Men Anna Šišková:

Source: TASR

During the filming of the Final Stop station, Šišková met with director Jiří Chlumský. After 25 years of marriage he was divorced because of Šišak, and later married for her. However, after about a year and a half, it was replaced by a younger woman.

Anna Šišková and Jiří Chlumský

Jiří Chlumský and Anna

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