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Spartak has scored again in Europe. We do not have to be embarrassed, believes Marek Bakos

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After nearly two months of injury, attacker Marek Bakos returned to the soccer field, and his performance helped Spartacus Trnava to gain a valuable seat at Anderlecht in Brussels.

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Football 0: 0 The Slovak captain finally defeated the 16th UEFA 1618 finals, but kept it in third place in the D-group.

Spartaka's motivation is to end in the table above the Belgian two-point lead. In practice, that means sufficient enough to defeat Fenerbahce Istanbul or hate Anderlecht at Dinamo Zagreb in the final round 6 (December 13) is enough to achieve that goal.

Marek Bakos was injured on October 7 in the league with Sereď, missed both matches with Dinamo Zagreb on the European scene. He traveled to Brussels with a little soul, the version of which was the "joker" alternative. Finally, he appeared on the bench and worked for 60 minutes but Ali Ghorbani did not shoot, but hit the ball well in the empty net.

"The day before the match looked like it could come to ten minutes, we finally agreed to try it from the start but I can not but it is important that we managed to hit an interesting result against the big club. sad that we will not fight for this process, but it is worth admit that Dinamo Zagreb and Fenerbahce are better than us, " Marek Bakos, who had a chance at Spartacus in 32 minutes,

Anderlecht Bruxelles - FC Spartak Trnava (Jevgen Makarenko, Marek Bakos)

Anderlecht Bruxelles – FC Spartak Trnava (Jevgen Makarenko, Marek Bakos)

Source: TASR

But the ruler was disastrous for Anderlecht Didillon, who was completely unmarked in front of him. "Erik Jirka did it perfectly, walked through the defensive player and put him under him, maybe if I had more training, I would have the chance to address that chance" The 35-year-old striker returned to the missed opportunity.

"Baky" appreciated the result that his team caused a traditional participant of European club competitions. "I think we do not have to be ashamed of the results we have in the European League, but we have four points, but the last game is ahead of us, so I would not want to predict our performance in the competition before." I believe Fenerbahce will be a holiday, the culmination of our first European the league " Marek Bakos joined the invitation for Trnave fans.

They came to Brussels about seventy and supported their favorite team. They also played a well-connected home football club, and "Andel" felt them at Vanden Stocka Stadium in their own living room.

"People are perfect regardless of whether they are home matches or go out to the opposing playgrounds. We are very successful in front of them, they are a great source of energy, and they have to boast of the atmosphere they have re-created."



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