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The case of Huawei also has consequences in China. People sell their iPhone devices

Around the world I am writing about a technological war between Huawei and the United States. Consequences have already been estimated by the sudden fall in the sale of brand equipment. Reputation has suffered a big blow in Europe, and the Chinese market is also watching the whole drama. But how to respond to the Chinese? You may be surprised.

Not just patriots end up with Apple

Yes, you read well, people in China end up with Apple. Of course not everyone. However, news reports that the number of Huawei iPhone device changes increases. The main motivation to exchange is the current case of Huawei and the United States. This international dispute has already brought great victims. The reputation of the brand has been felt in all the markets it has hitherto appeared.

case of huawei and usa
People have a trademark because they give it an advantage over Apple

In the last few days, they have also completed several co-operations with the Chinese giant American company. Early under the belt was Google, whose Android operating system will soon not exist for Huawei. For this reason, many mobile phone users have decided to move to their home. Many in their works see that they "stood up for their homeland". Others see this as a practical change.

Unhappy was the contribution of a Chinese diplomat who made jokes from Apple from his iPhone.

Apple does not play at all

Apple also has its share in the smart phone market in China. Although these numbers are less than, for example, on the domestic market, they still play an important role in the company's budget. And the budget did not meet its expectations last year, Apple has lost a lot of money and stopped doing well.

case of huawei and usa
Although Apple is not easy, Huawei works better

This is also what figures say, so they fell by 9.1 percent market share. So the current situation in China will cause problems for the US company. The transition from iPhone to Huawei can also be expected on the domestic market. People are proud of the brand and many have accepted it.

What do you think about the Chinese behavior? Tell us something about this in the article.

Be familiar with Huawei and the American subtitling.

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