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The Great Challenge of Testimony of Michael Jackson's Victim: It Does not Fit

Michael Jackson's biography and British journalist Mike Smallcombe argue that archive court documents show that some of the claims from the new Leaving Neverland document can not be true.

The mother of one of the men, Wad Robson, speaking in a document about how she was sexually abused by a famous singer, swore under the oath of the court dealing with pedophile singer in 1993, and her testimony is contrary to what her son claims today.

Indeed, Wade in an interview with a singer said that Michael was intimate with him the first time his family left Neverland on the way to the Grand Canyon and left him with a singer in 1990.

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Mrs Joy Robson, however, in court in 1993, said that Little Wade was on their way. She admitted she could be used on other occasions when Michael and her son were really alone.

Mrs Robson said in court that her first weekend spent on the ranch, then went to Grand Canyon with her family and returned to the ranch next weekend. Her son was not on the ranch without her until 1993, he told SmallMacror.

He also claimed Wade in 2005 when he was told in favor of Michael. He then said he remained in Neverland without a mother from 1992 to 1993 when Macaulay Culkin and Jordie Chandler were there.

However, British journalist Mike Smallcombe does not completely reject Michael's abuse of Wade Robson. According to him, it is questionable whether all that the men described in detail in the new documentary Leaving Neverland is truly true.

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