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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has upgraded its large demand for Slovak tourists

Officially open school holidays and holiday planning are now officially open. The most common tourist destinations of the Slovaks are mainly coastal countries, which in our case means traveling overseas. While traveling outside the territory of the Slovak Republic, the application called Svetobeska, known to only a few people, can in many cases be an excellent tool.

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This is a free app that is available for Android and iOS devices and we owe it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (MZVaEZ). The application is a compact mobile device (also working in offline mode) for Slovak tourists, whose main goal is to bring information and security to Slovakia citizens when traveling abroad.

Although the state's application, the overall impression of its functionality, clarity, functionality, or, in the end, but not least, the design is surprising in the best sense of the word.

The most important thing in one place

In the application you will find a few helpful information at one place, with LIGHT BROWN with up to nine main sections. In certain sections, after you choose a destination, you will get all the necessary tips and information, such as travel recommendations or current situation in your country.

And finally, but not least, tips on how to deal with emergency situations (loss of documents, theft, injury) and a list of all Slovak diplomatic missions around the world with relevant contacts or addresses is the question that is being addressed.

It is about diplomatic missions in some countries (the Slovak Republic has its own representations) 65 countries around the world) represent the main entity serving Slovak nationals abroad.

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