Friday , April 16 2021

The moon is moving from Jupiter, Saturn

Grand Rapids, min.

Vannaprastha’s moon will orbit Jupiter and Saturn. To see all three, look southeast before sunrise. The moon was Monday from Saturn on Monday and will be smaller than Tuesday. On Wednesday you can look a little above the moon and find Jupiter. The moon will be in the lower left corner of both planets until Thursday morning.

The moon will help you find Jupiter and Saturn earlier this week, but during the evening you will have the opportunity to see both Mars and Uranus. Mars appears in the west after dark, and Uranus sets in the west after sunset.

The International Space Station crossed several routes over western Michigan last week. Jim and Pam Browner approached Wyoming.

Jim and Mr. Browner took this picture of the International Space Station as they crossed Wyoming on April 3, 2021.

Last weekend there was a March meeting and we had some nice photos to refer us to. Ed Robir managed to capture this detailed view of the full moon in Plainwell:

The moon on the plane. (Courtesy of Ed Robir)

Sandi Bruce watched with Cay as well. This amazing photo was taken in Grand Haven:

An owl can be seen near Red Moon in Grand Haven. (Courtesy of Sandy Bruce)

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