Monday , June 14 2021

The mystery behind the scenes: Czech Rhapsody has created a lot of emotions, but also new friendships

What did you not know about the main actors? Look behind the stage of the royal movie.

The Bohemian Rhapsody film has already been able to bring a huge wave of reactions from people of different ages of different ages for a short time at theaters. But what happens behind the scene of this project, you may not have a clue.

There is no better way to make legend of the world legend Freddie Mercury and his Queens band more honorable than through the feature film.

This picture became popular among young people and caused the world to emerge absolute, but stubborn discussion of Freddie's life and other group members. These are the main leaders who have captured something from the recording, and that is a strong friendship.

Actors and Actresses from the movie routinely associate their fans, praising their shared leisure time and fun. The film literally united them, so there was true friendship between them.

For American actor Rami Malek (37), the release of the legendary character of Freddie Mercury was an undisputed challenge. But some information is surprisingly surprising.

In the music passages of the film, this actor did not sing for himself. Movie Tracks are reportedly recorded by mixing the original voice with Freddie Mercury, actor Rami Malek and Canadian singer Marcus Matel.

This should help make the final sound not only the most reliable copy of the original, but also bring something from a small part to change the other.

She did not live at all during the recording, but it was just a reproduction. When we were here, that was another example, for example, in the movie The Star was born, where Lady Gaga, during the shooting, made sure everything worked live and in front of the camera.

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