Wednesday , June 23 2021

The number of people living with flu has risen by almost half – Home – News

The number of patients with flu during the 45th week increased in Slovakia by 49.4%. Doctors reported a total of 2,990 cases of flu and similar illnesses (CHPO). The highest morbidity was recorded in the Trnava region, the lowest in Bratislava. As reported by Chief Hygiene SR Ján Mikas, the age group of children in CHPO was the most common in five years.

Overall, doctors recorded 38,088 acute respiratory diseases
(ARI). The disease increased compared to the previous week
by 33.5 percent. The biggest morbidity was recorded in Bratislava
the lowest in Zilina. As Mikas informed, most often
infected children in five years. One was reported annual flu breaks
kindergarten in Trenčín region.

The flu season lasts from the 40th calendar week of the year
The 18th calendar week next year is set by the World Health Organization
Organization (WHO). It is characterized by increased acute illness
respiratory diseases, including influenza and related diseases. About that
about flu, the most accessible and most effective specific protection is according to
annual vaccination of epidemiologists. In Slovakia, everyone is paid
health insurance. The best time for vaccination is during the fall,
in the winter months to the outbreak of an influenza epidemic.

Flu viruses are spread primarily by air in cough and sneezing.
Not all colds or coughs automatically mean that man
got the flu. Comes suddenly and monitors high temperatures,
over 40 degrees. Different complications can also be linked. On its own
Flu is not working with antibiotics.

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