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The referendum will be judged by the Court of Justice

The courts have participated in Krajci since March.

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BRATISLAVA. The European Court of Justice will assess the abolition of the Mechatric Amnesty. The District Court in Bratislava approved a motion by Milan Križalković, attorney Gustava Krajcija in case of a reduced referendum.

After last year's abolition of the Meciar amnesty, the Bratislava District Court, I. Križalković, resumed the disputed referendum at the first hearing in March to bring the case to court.

He put five questions in the motion, questioning the legality of the cancellation of the Meciar amnesty.

"The District Court in Bratislava and in the defense of the prosecutor decided to suspend the prosecution and request the European Court of Justice to make the previous decision," Pavol Adamčiak, a spokesman for the Regional Court in Bratislava, told the juvenile company.

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Krajchimu is threatened with imprisonment for three to ten years. The decrease in the referendum in the indictment caused more than 79 million crowns.

Even in 1997 he sent ministers to print other ballots in the upcoming referendum than they did.

Three questions about NATO entry or the placement of military bases in Slovakia, which advocated HZDS and CIS, did not include the fourth question that President Michal Kováč made.

The petition, which was signed by half a million people, called for a direct election of the president elected by the Parliament. The constitution should change, what later.

The bridges acted in opposition to the referendum committee's decision and announced their decision two days before the referendum on 21 May 1997. Some municipalities refused to distribute their tickets to the voting booths.

Crooks later accused of the crime of mourning the preparation of elections and referendums, abuse of power, and the change of official document.

"I had no choice, and the Constitutional Court concluded that the fourth issue of the annex was in contravention of the law, and I had to act as a state body, and I did not give it that," Krajci said last year.

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