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The World AIDS Day is 30 years old

Geneva / London, November 30 (TASR) – This year's World AIDS Day focuses on human serological status. It is December 1, and its theme in 2018 is to: meet your status. As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO), this year's World AIDS Day gives the opportunity to celebrate the 30th anniversary this day. The first World AIDS campaign was held in 1988, the WHO said.

WHO has summarized WHO's goals of this year's World AIDS Day. On the one hand, it promotes all preventive screening and awareness of their serological status – whether infected with HIV or HIV – and after becoming aware of their condition, they enrolled in institutions dedicated to the prevention, treatment and care of persons s HIV / AIDS. The second point of the WHO calls for the necessity: people must ask politicians to support that program "health for all" in HIV / AIDS and related services, such as tuberculosis, hepatitis or non-communicable diseases.

WHO has further found that about 201 million people live around 366 million people living with HIV. By mid-2017, anti-retroviral treatment was given to 20.9 million people, while up to 76 percent of pregnant women and nurses living with HIV gain access.

Also, UNAIDS's representatives put this year's emphasis on the 30th anniversary of the World AIDS Day. Since 1988, significant progress has been made in detecting and treating HIV infection, UNAIDS reported. At present three quarters of people with HIV already know their condition.

"However, we have to go a long way to target people who do not know their serological status directed and sent to health care departments for quality preventive action" in this area, UNAIDS said.

In a statement to UNAIDS, he further noted that even after 30 years of fighting, AIDS can not be removed. "We still have a long way." she said. He added that in 2017 he was unaware of his HIV infection – living with potentially lethal but healing disease – 9.4 million people. If people do not know their HIV status then those infected do not know that they need to begin to heal. And the seronegative can not get the knowledge and abilities needed to maintain their condition, UNAIDS said.

On December 1, it provides the opportunity to provide information on HIV / AIDS and promote prevention, treatment and care of HIV / AIDS patients.

The symbol of today's day is the red ribbon.

The World AIDS Day concept was launched in 1988 at the World Health Ministers' Meeting on HIV / AIDS Prevention Programs. This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) was proclaimed, and also approved by the UN General Assembly.

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