Friday , April 23 2021

This is the new term when we travel to Mars!

Why is it important to transmit the probe to the space?

Every probe we send to the universe will take us a step further in identifying how our solar system works, our nature. It simply launches the boundaries of mankind.

What's remarkable about the last one?

– The InSight probe must reveal the secrets of how Mars enters. From which this planet is composed irrespective of whether there is liquid or solid core, how heat transfer works in the Martian subsoil layers and so on. All of this information will help us understand how Mars was formed and how the inner planets of the Sun's Planet, including our Earth, came into being. By researching Mars, we learn more from the emergence of our planet and as we were here.

How long does it take to transfer information from Mars to Earth?

– Distance between Mars and Earth is changing, but it is about 15 minutes.

How much will we need to get there?

– It was like a one-way trip from Earth to Mars for about eight months. If people spend some time on the surface and then go back, the whole mission can take more than two years, which is a pretty big problem.


"When we compare the way to the moon, it takes three days there and three days back. In the week, we can come to the moon and get back from it. The shortest time on Mars would be about a year and a half. And the big difference is whether people go to space for a week or a year and a half.

Which would be the biggest problem with Mars mission?

– In stock, for example, with other technical issues. It is also about interpersonal relationships – are people at all times able to close in a very narrow space at all times. These problems are now being explored on Earth during simulated missions. He'll see if people can handle it.

Can a man get to Mars?

– It's possible. More projects are going to get a man on Mars. These are not just government projects like NASA, but commercial projects. For example, Basic builds a large spacecraft that wants to colonize Mars, carrying the dozens of people who will gradually begin building a human cell on Mars.

When will this be real?

– There are several technologies that need to be tackled. But the bigger the problem is the political viewpoint. In order to carry out such a mission, it is necessary to combine several countries, the resources must be more than one, because it will not be cheap. Sometimes this also fails. Thirty years have been said that Mars will go … At this moment I see the closest possible term, at least a little realistic, in 2040.

What are the conditions of life?

Definitely not as on Earth. Although the planet is similar to Earth in our solar system, it is very different. It should be noted that about 1% of Earth's surface is on the surface of Mars. There is very low pressure, thin air that does not contain oxygen. So, of course, it is not possible to move without suits on Mars.

What about water?

Many of the probes that fired in the past were focused on searching for water beneath the surface of Mars. This is one of the preconditions for Mars that it can fly and stay one day. Importing any water to an astronaut would be incredibly expensive, so it should be obtained on the spot. And not just for drinking, oxygen can also be extracted from water, perhaps even hydrogen, which can then serve as a missile fuel.

Was it?

"Many missions were already focused on water and have already been confirmed. In the past, Mars was a planet similar to the Earth, and there were ocean and river. We do not know exactly why it has changed why water is not on the surface of Mars, why the conditions on this planet are so much altered. The InSight probe can be a little overwhelming. Below the Mars area, water is in some places.

Can this happen to our Earth? To turn the life plan into the desert?

– I could. The InSight Probe could tell us more.

The investigation is up, what now?

"There are dozens, hundreds of people involved in the preparation of such a mission. Now it will control the probe, make the data out of it, solve potential problems. The cost is about a billion dollars.

How much was a true Martian movie with Matt Damon?

– Although he was small, he was very good at showing that man was lonely on the planet far from Earth, how difficult it was to help him … One must understand the people who are lurking on Mars one day. The film also showed that astronauts must be all sides and have to be able to work with everything they have. It was also seen how an actor produces potatoes there. If something has happened, it can be expected that the assistance will take more than eight months.

Do the missiles and the probes fly fast?

– It depends on the type of body. The Insight Insight was the first time on the surface of Mars at a speed of 5 kilometers per second, about 20,000 kilometers per hour. And she had to jump to the surface at almost zero speed for 7 minutes. For example, satellites circling the Earth have a speed of 8 km / s across the Earth's surface, or 28,000 kilometers per hour. If we want to solve Earth's attractions and move on to another planet, we have to overcome the speed of 11.2 km / s, which is really incredible speed.

Do you think anyone really wants to fly to Mars?

– I know a lot of people in Slovakia. For example, my colleague who is just on a simulated mission on Mars in the Hawaiian Islands.


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