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Traffic Crash Mode: Free Public Transport in Bratislava

"On these lines, thanks to the bus, we can guarantee the speed of public transport, and at the same time we need to maximize the individual transport in those sections." Every passenger who leaves the car and goes to public transport will also help solve the heavy traffic situation " said the municipality.

The Municipality of Bratislava believes that free transportation on these routes even for a specific gratification of the city and Dopravní podnik Bratislava. In addition, Bratislavská integrovaná doprava (BID), as the Integrated Traffic System Coordinator in the Bratislava Region (IDS BK), currently offers a 50% discount on the weekly travel ticket purchased by the mobile application IDS BK.

"With this measure, the transport infrastructure in Bratislava has no direct costs, but this is a break in revenue, which can not be explicitly quantified in advance, but the benefit for a carrier can be greater in the future if those who are now trying public transport decide to use public transport more often or regularly, " says the capital.

City politics

The municipal administration states that providing fast and quality public transport is the core responsibility of the city and that the municipality must also be able to provide all transport solutions for public transport under its own responsibility in such situations. "For Bratislava and the city of Prague it is important for the city, in cooperation with the builders, to build both buildings quickly and efficiently and not to burden the traffic situation longer than needed" the municipality said, with the fact that it would primarily be directed towards the city's policy towards builders.

Significant traffic restrictions from mid-February will be in Bratislava for the construction of the D4 motorway and the R7 motorway (especially for the reconstruction of the crossing of Prievoz) and for the construction of the underground circular course on the reconstructed part of Mlynská niva Street.

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