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Vettel says second place on "excellent result"

The second place for Monaco is Sebastian Vettel's maximum this season. At least he brought some joy to Ferrari, though he was particularly happy. The Germans are still not satisfied with their monopoly, so he was pleased that opponents helped him score eighteen.

"This is a great achievement for us and for that," the race began to break down Sebastian Vettel, "But we know we have to do a lot of work. We know we're not fast enough compared to these boys," Bottas Hamilton pointed out.

In the race, net power or speed of the pilot did not decide, but, as in Monaco, it is unpredictable. "Managing these races is a challenge. Something always happens in Monaco, and something has happened today."

The first opportunity came after Vettel's colleague Leclerc had destroyed his car as a result of his contact with Rascasse's barrier. Monacan has cleansed the native land with chunks of his monopoly. There was so much that Bernd Mayländer had to get on the path.

Together with the others, Sebastian Vettel also took the opportunity to turn quickly. Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull mechanics have been involved in direct combat. At first it seemed that the red bulls were beaten by him, but the commissioners then rated his performance with a five-second penalty for Max Verstappen.

"I thought I had stopped well, but Max had to be incredible. Then I saw the dirt they were touching." I think Lewis and Max were in a worse position in tire management, my mine did not heat up, he said. Vettel.

Two weeks later, Formula 1 will move to Canada, which could make Ferrari a little longer. So far, it does not look good with the Scuderia. "It was a tough weekend, I was never happy with the car, we are still worried – I still try to find the car's confidence and performance. We had a speed similar to others, they did not enlarge their track.

"We've made a good deal of strategic decisions, but we lacked the speed to be a big threat. We have to focus on it now." he added.

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