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VIDEO: Christmas markets with panorama of burnt buildings in Bratislava – Regions – News

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In the Christmas markets on the main square in Bratislava, a fire broke out. It emerged after the explosion of propane-butane flask and spread to the sidewalk.

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The company must continue, even if it does not look good. Thus, in Bratislava, they probably estimated the consequences of a fire on Wednesday at the Main Square where the Christmas markets were. The police investigator has already begun a criminal prosecution for a general threat to crime.

After a day they did not open the cabs, even though the panorama was great
changed. Christmas ornaments and light added a look to the burned building.
A visitor who, for example, is spending time in the Vienna markets
and then comes to Bratislava, it can be good to stay

The markets, despite the devastated part of the square, seem to continue from the store
reasons. Publishers continue to sell their income, and the City Council collects taxes. for
Renting the stalls is subject to high volumes, resulting in high prices.
One place will also go to 2.50 euros. Still, the number of visitors to the markets
did not cut the incident. "The stands are again open and
continue to work on a regular basis, "said City Hall
capital city.

Fire at the main square broke out on Wednesday shortly after 3:30 pm.
Cause of explosion of propane-butane bottle in the booth in front of the building
Café Roland café. The fire was further expanded into the building. estimated
the damage is more than 200 thousand euros. One was injured hurt
worse on the face and hands. The markets at Main Square and the Franchise Square
on Wednesday were closed for security reasons.

"The main square was not part of it
Christmas markets in the capital, "said Bratislava spokesman
Zuzana Onufer. In her opinion, she added that the owners had no standpoints
with a capital signed a lease, without capital or city
they did not look for public space. Onufer pointed this out
Stations that have a proper lease with the capital have
in the contract the obligation to comply with fire and safety regulations.

"The burned stand stood on a private estate, and so on his town
functioning was not available. The case partially hampered the countryside
the city's owner was warned on November 22 and invited him
moving or removing a stand from the town, "added Onufer.
In the previous year, the municipality issued a fine to the owner of the booth
EUR 1.000 for placing a booth on a municipal plot.

The city claims to be standing on the Christmas markets that have the appropriate
lease agreements with the capital are obliged to comply with the contract
fire and safety regulations.

But the newly-elected mayor of Bratislava, Matúš Vallo, does not understand how he can
The Christmas market on the main square in Bratislava is standing by
was not part of it and its owners did not have a lease contract signed or did so
the city did not seek public space. "I suppose
so that such a fatal neglect of the city's obligations might arise
the current leadership will be explained as soon as possible, "said Vallo, who leads
the capital, after Mayor Ivo Nesrovnal took over on December 7.

Firefighters warned city police officers who informed the members
Fire and rescue. "City police officers coming to the firefighters
to provide a place of fire and people who were nearby,
moved to safety, "a spokesman for the Bratislava City Police said
Peter Pleva. The exact cause of the fire is still being investigated.
The police investigator has already started the Christmas fire on Christmas
criminal prosecution of a general threat to crime.

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