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VIDEO: Klopp won a judge, according to Tuchel, he was hiding Liverpool's poor performance

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Jürgen Klopp, a football club from England, was on Wednesday in a duel on Paris St. Louis FC. Germain (1: 2) in the Champions League Group C duel 2018/2019, Seriously angry with Polish chief referee Szymon Marciniak.

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According to a German coach, a "man with whistle" was not prepared enough for such a big bull.

Marciniak did not look like he was, but in fair play in the England Premier League we were at the top, but in Paris we have so many yellow cards (six, note) as if we were some sort of. The inspiration of the PSG player on the poll prompted our aggressive game in the negative sense of the word. We were a bit frustrated, "said 51-year-old Stuttgart, according to Polish daily Przeglad Sportowy.

Last year's LM finalist threatens to be number one in this season's Seasonal Disorder Stage Continental Cup. "We have two goals in Paris, but we managed to reach the target and returned to the game, but again the referee … Someone had to convince him that we had to hit the eleven. Despite the overheating, I know we're going. We need a unique atmosphere of Anfield and the unique performance of our team. If we do not win Neapol, it means we do not despise, " Klopp added.

Paris Coach Thomas Tuchel, however, was arrested by the Polish Arbiter. "In my decision, I did not see any problem, and in the second half I played five minutes during which Liverpool fired us ten times, and when you need to score, that's usually different," Tuchel said, trying to understand his counterpart.

"When I play in an important game and I'm angry, I say things like that to draw attention to my team's weak performance, but you have to ask Jürgen directly" added a 45-year-old PSG driver.

If the "LFC" in the home game of the B Group does not win in Naples, the biggest surprise of the current LM 2018/2019 will be in the world. However, the winning team may not be enough. This will depend on a variety of circumstances and each goal may decide. If it is St. Germain defeated Red Star Belgrade, Liverpool could win 1: 0, but no longer 2: 1 or 3: 2.

If there is a situation in which all three teams would have nine points, "Black Peter" would remain in the hands of St. Paul. Germain, who had a minifigure of three, together with Naples for a point less than Liverpool, but worse overall balance of the match with "Parthenopei" (2: 2 in Paris, 1: 1 in Naples, note).



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