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VW Tarok: New Pikap was born in Sao Paulo. Take a Lot in the SUV Comfort – News – Auto

In Sao Paulo, Volkswagen shows the concept of a small contact that is smaller than the current Amarok. Do not go far to production. Despite its compact size, it can do a lot. Especially thanks to the connection of the cab with load space.

The VW Taroka Concept suggests a solid look ...

The concept of VW Taroka suggests true
a smaller dot. An interesting feature is the rear rooftop cove
style "targa", which will also remain in the final version.


At the moment, Volkswagen has only one vehicle. He is luxurious
Amarok. And since the car was fitted with a 6-cylinder 3.0 TDI,
works better than ever before. And so it can not be smart
Volkswagen pays for another pike that would be more accessible.
Although Europe does not go to this class, these are the regions where it is
piccades is extremely popular. We're not just talking about the US, but for years
the best-selling Ford F-150. There is, for example, South

The freight space has a length of 1 206 mm and ...

The freight area has a base
length of 1 206 mm and a ton of cargo.
Author: Volkswagen

Here is a car manufacturer in Sao Paulo presented by a German car manufacturer
the concept of the little Taroka peak. This is the main market because it is Brazil
the largest and most populous country in the region. Just living in Sao Paulo
11 million people and adjacent areas to 29 million. whole
Brazil has more than 200 million inhabitants. And here's nothing
really a problem. Volkswagen, therefore, does not deny that it is basically the Tarok concept
pre-production prototype of a serial model that will soon arrive
tamojší market.

The interior is furnished in the style of civilian SUVs. I ...

The interior is furnished in style
civilian SUVs. That's why he got a virtual cockpit or a multimedia interface
full connectivity. Take five crew.
Author: Volkswagen

According to VW's main designer, Klaus Bischoff, Tarok combines urban style with Tarok
crossover with an authentic off-road sign. The civil action of the pikappa has
to a length of nearly five meters, meaning it is shorter than 30 cm
Amarok. In the form of a concept, you could afford the spectacular LED lighting masks and
logos, rear lights connected to the rail or a two-color image.
An interesting element is the "Targa" back arch, which
the final version will probably remain. The cabin is designed to provide personal comfort
a car of 5 crew members.

After opening the rear cab wall and overlap ...

After opening the rear cab wall and
by putting the luggage compartment door, Tarok will carry a load of up to 2,775 mm.


That's why it is equipped almost as an SUV. The dashboard contains virtual
cockpit as well as a full-featured multimedia interface. However, Taroke
he does not forget his DNA work. It will do more than you think. his
it is a secret to link the cargo space to the cabin. only
lower the backrests of the backrest and the plate that separates the interior of the loading area.
Then the "hull" length extends from modest 1 206 mm to 1.861 mm.
This is not the end. If you fold the back cover, take Tarok's items
2,775 mm long on a flat floor. Load it with load
one ton.

Contemporary almost SUV design also ...

Contemporary near the SUV
also denotes 4-cylinder 1.4 TSI (110 kW), along with 6-speed automatic
the transmission and the permanent drive of both axles. But it also hangs independently
all wheels.
Author: Volkswagen

Below the engine mount for a well-known 4-cylinder turbine charger of 1.4 TSI
110 kW, adapted to burn in the popular ethanol of Brazil. And anyway
pure E100, or E22. It's 6 degrees
automatic gearbox and 4Motion permanent drive, which means that
The driving system is closer to modern SUVs than classic work
Pick-up. Similarly, this is with a casing with an independent suspension of all
Wheels, although they are rear-springed with a leaf.

For sale, Tarok first gets a two-stroke diesel engine
2.0 TDI (110 kW). This is likely to be the case next year. whether
Tarot goes to Europe, it is not. It will be made in South America
lines. For example, VW is the largest Brazilian car manufacturer.

VW Tarok Concept -

VW Tarok Concept -

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