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We lost contact with three Starlink satellites

Over a month ago, SpaceX has successfully launched one of the first stages of its fantastic project. The first 60 Starlink satellites were shipped to orbit around the world in the future.

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how informs Portal Verge, after launching SpaceX, could communicate with all 60 satellites, but eventually lost communication with three satellites. They continue the path to the orbit until gravity is withdrawn and landed on Earth

The first 45 satellites, using nozzles, reached a certain 550 km height. Five satellites are still trying to reach a certain height while another 5 satellites are tested before lifting.

Although the remaining two satellites were fine, SpaceX deliberately sent them into the Earth's atmosphere with the help of nozzles. This was a test and an orbital simulation simulation because the remaining 3 satellites can not be controlled due to loss of contact.

source: The Verge

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