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What chances do Freddie Mercury have today? – Man – Science and Technology

30.11.2018 13:14


The World AIDS Day symbol is a red ribbon.


Freddie Mercury, who died of related diseases associated with the development of HIV infection in AIDS Stage, now has a significantly higher chance of longer and better lives.

Although Slovakia is one of the lowest European Union countries
HIV infection, the situation worsens: In the first half of 2018 was in our country
a total of 52 new cases of HIV infection have been diagnosed.

The number of people living with HIV infection is growing rapidly. From 2014 to
By 2016, the highest incidence of new cases was recorded by 80 until
90 new infections a year. In 2017 it was diagnosed in Slovakia
a total of 72 new cases.

HIV / AIDS can be a "sleep" risk in the long run,
about which the patient does not even know. As Pavlina Bukovinová points out,
Department of Infectology and Geography of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Karlovac, UNB and
there is a person infected with HIV in the HIV / AIDS center
it may not have a long time, for example, for a few years, without health
difficulties. This period is the symptom of HIV virus. and
however, during this period, the infected person may be infected with the following
People. At the same time he looks and feels completely healthy, not his
partner / partner does not make a mistake. "

Most infected patients develop some of the symptoms
HIV / AIDS, usually within 10 to 15 years of HIV exposure.
Therefore public illumination and early detection of illness are important
testing. The pandemic is developing fast and efficiently, even today
slows the progress of HIV infection and improves quality and life expectancy
infected, are still infected with HIV and life-threatening.

Research and development in the fight against this disease has been recorded in recent years
significant increase. We fight against the spread of HIV infection today
condom, pretreatment, testing, but especially contemporary medicine
in the form of a combination of antiretroviral therapy in HIV patients.
Effective therapy delayed the onset of clinical signs of disease, diminishing
viral load and contributes to the restoration of the immune system.
By adhering to an effective treatment regimen, the risk of transmission may be
reduce to 96%.

For almost a year, Checkpoint works in Bratislava for those interested in learning
your HIV status. It is possible to leave anonymous, free of charge and for a while
Test. The passage of the HIV / AIDS test is the only way to find out if that is the case
the person is or has not been infected with HIV. It makes sense to make up to three
months after possible behaviors. Also in Slovakia are free today
test points – not just to three locations in Bratislava,
in nine cities (except the main) all over Slovakia.

As Jiří Pavlát recalls the organization of Patient Light
Slovakia: "It's important to know your HIV status. HIV infection is not
but today it is very healing. People
with HIV, have virtually ordinary lives. It is important early to start treatment. it
it will reduce the virus level to undetectable values. He successfully treated man
is almost non-infectious. "

The citizens of the Slovak Republic are from 1 January 2018 to 30 June 2018
diagnoses and epidemiologically investigates 42 new HIV cases
infections (39 cases in men and 3 in women). It was in this period
seven cases of AIDS have been diagnosed (acquired immune syndrome
deficiency) and three deaths with HIV infection. According to statistics
VSF treats this disease three times as many men as women.

HIV infection is a non-selective disease due to a virus
it can not eradicate (remove) it from the body. Efficient treatment is possible
infections that slow down and limit the multiplication of viruses in the body. All in all, so
slow down the progression of immune disorders (immunodeficiency). In a few
for ten years, none of the infections and its origins are so
tested as an HIV virus. Even so, and a lot of prevention
the pandemic is still evolving.

An anonymous anti-HIV antibody research provides regional authorities
public health

  • On December 1st, we celebrate World AIDS Day. People
    who have a diagnosis on time, have a higher chance
    productive life.
  • Early diagnosis and early onset of treatment mean a person with HIV
    infections with longer, better quality life.
  • It is also likely that virus transmission will be reduced to
    other people are based not only on reduced infectivity in treatment but also on changes
    sexual behavior and behavior in drug injection.
  • Testing the presence of anti-HIV antibodies would therefore be any human
    with HIV infection, should not be postponed. However, there is still HIV
    The infection is curable but still incurable.
    The most effective way to prevent the spread of HIV / AIDS in the population
    is prevention.
  • Research on anti-HIV antibodies gives advice on this issue
    HIV / AIDS in the selected regional offices of public health of the Slovak Republic,
    National Reference Center for the Prevention of HIV / AIDS in Slovak
    Medical School in Bratislava and Department of Clinical Microbiology
    hospitals. You can request a general blood test sample

Personal and telephone tips

  • Counseling and taking blood for anti-HIV antibodies are
    counseling for anonymous HIV / AIDS counseling, additional staff
    offers telephone and email consultations. Last year we registered
    in consulting a total of 838 anonymous subscriptions and 918 phone calls
  • Tips on HIV / AIDS: Banskobystrický kraj (Banská Bystrica,
    Žiar nad Hronom), Žilinský kraj (Dolný Kubín, Liptovský Mikuláš,
    Žilina), Trnavský kraj: (Trnava), Prešovský kraj (Bardejov, Poprad,
    Prešov, Svidník), Košice (Košice, Trebišov) and Nitriansky kraj
Source: Mgr. Mons. Merilend Ján Mikas, Ph.D., Principal Hygienic Journal in Slovak

Slovakia is one of the lowest EU countries in the EU

  • HIV is a human immunodeficiency virus that causes it
    in people, loss of immunity from infections and increases the likelihood of infection
    tumor diseases. The end-stage of HIV infection is a disease
    AIDS – Immunodeficiency syndrome.
  • Since the start of monitoring HIV / AIDS in the Slovak Republic
    in 1985, September 30, 2018, were registered with Slovak citizens
    republic and foreigners 1046 cases of HIV infection. Out of 884 cases
    for the citizens of the Slovak Republic, 783 occurred in men and 101 women.
    In 116 people, HIV infection was in the AIDS stage and was recorded
    72 deaths infected with HIV (out of which 53 in AIDS).
  • The Slovak Republic has been one of the member states in recent years
    Of the European Union with the lowest incidence of HIV infection, but in the latter
    For decades, we see the upward trend in our country. increasing
    the number of new cases of HIV infection may also be due to the fact that
    people decide to test anti-HIV antibodies.
Source: Mgr. Mons. Merilend Ján Mikas, Ph.D., Principal Hygienic Journal in Slovak

Express solidarity by attaching the red ribbon

World AIDS Day thanks to the world
health organization since 1988. This year's theme
World AIDS Day 2018 is "Know Your Status".

The World AIDS Day symbol is red
linking it with people who show solidarity with those who are
infection with HIV or AIDS. There is so much today
more intense activities of professionals and laypeople who have focused
informing the public about this disease.

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