Wednesday , January 27 2021

You have a problem with us: parents should think about what is missing them

The numbers are really terrible. In the last 9 years, the number of children and adolescents with newly diagnosed psychiatric disorders increased by 72.1%.

Each child deserves the love and attention of the parent. Their lack of early childhood can cause serious psychological problems that may later result in something more serious.

Emotional and Behavioral Disorders

According to the findings of the National Health Information Center (NCZI) pediatric patients up to the age of 14 most often treated for the first time in the ambulance:

behavioral disorders

– emotional disturbances

Both with a common beginning in childhood and during adolescence, which seemed 59%.

Following disorders:

mental development

– neurotic

– related to stress

– somatoform disorders

– mental retardation

We know that life also brings a tough situation and we do not always know how to deal with it easily. However, children should feel at least all the negative emotions.

Do not pass them on. It is also recognized by a child psychologist with more than 40 years of experience in education. Lýdia Adamcová.

"Positive thinking, but also negative thinking of children, is legally associated with positive thinking or with negative thinking of parents.

If you are starting to use positive experiences and positive thinking in education, and this is just a period of childhood, you can reduce the risk of such behavior in children as self-indulgence, suicidal ideation, anorexia, violent behavior and other such problems, "says psychologists on the importance of positive thinking for life child.

Of course, it is almost impossible to be cheerful and positive every day, and the child also needs to know the negative emotions from time to time. So how do you show them right?

Allow the child to experience loss is natural

We are not talking about losing love, interest, happy moments with the family. Absolutely not about losing one of your parents.

"We can not overcome the problem of parental psychic stress, their tiredness after returning from work, partnering problems, financial problems, related problems, and their more labile, nervous reactions.

This is also a daily reality, and parents should think positively that their children have learned. Children must also experience this everyday reality, but in the background the family should be emotionally stable and secure.

Educational children must turn positive and negative traits. A child always wants more and more and therefore has to suffer a loss. For example – "If you want a new toy, donate or sell some older ones," " explains childhood expert.

The bottom line is that the child continues to feel the stability and security of his parents, then the worse emotions will know how much it is easier to process …

Nice childhood is a gift you send … with a child psychologist …

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