Saturday , June 19 2021

6 technological gifts for the rude rich

If you've ever wondered what the richest people are spending on festive gifts, you've come to the right address because we present you with 6 super-expensive technology gifts that can only afford those with the deepest wallet. If we leave movie gifts like cashmere, villas by the sea or hut somewhere in the Alps, we can quickly find completely everyday items that are different from one of our very important things – the price.

Forecasts suggest that 1% of the richest people in the world will soon have half the world's wealth. No matter how frightening this sounds, these are the facts, and here we can not do anything. On the other hand, technology manufacturers are aware of this, and for this targeted audience, extraction devices are being produced. Believe it or not, there are those who will take your breath away.

Brikk Lux iPhone XS and XS Max collections

Smart phones have become part of us and our first "gadget" is definitely something we never imagined that this could be done from a smartphone. The phone is made of 24 carat gold or platinum and is covered with diamonds. This is not what makes it so special. The design's precision and details are what can really leave us speechless. Besides the phone, we get a blanket, which is a bit funny, why would someone wear a blanket, but if we can show the real diamonds?

Price: $ 9,950 – $ 64,995.00 (8,680 eur – 56,705 eur) – Brikk

else Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P

Probably the fact that Hublot watch is also found on the list is not surprising. The clock is pretty classic at first glance, but at the same time innovative, interesting and at the same time hides some special features. This clock has something else that does not have: it's completely exclusive. Big Bang is a special model that came out on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin's crypt. Briefly, looking at the picture we can see the famous Bitcoin logo. The best thing about it is that we can buy a clock with Bitcoin.

Price: unknown

3. Lelo Inez 24-karate golden vibrator

Satisfaction is one of the key experiences in life. So why would everyone agree with something average, but if we can have the best that exists? The company, which has made a special vibrator, inspired the pump from the famous St. Barthes. As they themselves argued, they wanted to produce a product that not only impressed their design but also, above all, its effectiveness.

Price: $ 15,000 (13,000 euros) – lelo

4. Mirror

Of course, what is pain-free pleasure? What is beauty without suffering? This mirror, called the Mirror, is intended for us to follow the exercises and conduct the exercises through the mirror. As we can see from the image itself, our teacher, the coach becomes just a mirror and we are his clients. The mirror keeps us fixing exercises so that we can finally achieve our goals and proudly retreat from fitness, which is in our case our home because the mirror can be set anywhere.

price: $ 1,495 (1,305 eur) – Mirror

5. Aero Bulldog HD Bluetooth Speaker

Probably all of us agree that we do not need certain things that we like in life, or not accidentally, right? The fact is we sometimes want things just like this, from pure boredom. One of the things that can be considered in this category is the bluetooth speaker bulldog. It is a neon pink "life" puppy, which is not only sweet in its appearance but also useful. This little gentleman is actually AeroSystem speaker, which means we can play the legendary song "Who let the dogs out".

price: $ 4,499.00 (3,925 eur) on NeimanMarcus.

6. Serenity Solar Yacht

It's always important to go back to the environment, and if we're on vacation, why not do something good for the whole planet and buy a Yacht Serenity Solar Yacht, which is completely covered with solar panels. If you have a random couple of millions of euros, then it's a great opportunity to make something useful to the environment when you enjoy it.

Price: $ 7,100,000 (6,200,000 euros) from Neiman Marcus

As we can see in the list above, there are no limitations when talking about the rich. Most can only dream about such and similar things. Need to be aware that people are far more than a mere asset. If we ask people who actually donate such gifts, then the answer will of course be quite different.

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