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Against Styria and Carinthia, problems with severe rain and wind are emerging again

Ptuju again had problems with the rainfall. (The photo is symbolic.) Photo: Daniel Poslek

In particular, the locations of the municipalities of Hajdina, Videm and Kidričevo are affected by messages from the website of the Protection and Rescue Administration. Ptuja was made out of heavy rains, and the city flooded again.

In the area of ​​Hajdina municipality, firefighters from PGD Bujina and Dražen exhausted eight cubic meters of meteor water from the two basements of residential buildings, then rolled and removed four broken trees and removed the branches from the road.

In the area of ​​Kidričeva firefighters from PGD Talum Kidričevo, Apače, Lovrenc on the Drava plateau, Pleterje, Mihovce-Dragonja you and Bujina extracted 35 cubic meters of meteor water from the seven basements of residential buildings, cleaned the roads on which branches were and let the sewage,

The wider area of ​​the Ptuj in the storm covered the area just before 20:00. Firefighters of PGD Ptuj, Spuhlja, Graje, Podvinci, Kičar and Spodnji Velovlek depleted 90 cubic meters of meteoric water from 14 residential buildings, covered five residential buildings with foil and tiles, and the wood was removed from the road.

In the village of Šturmovci in the municipality of Vid PGD firefighters I see at Ptuja sniffing down a tree and cleared the way.

In the area of ​​Stoperca in the municipality of Majšperk, firefighters from PGD Stoperce exhausted ten cubic meters of meteoric water from three residential buildings. The water flooded the road and prevented traffic, then cleared roads and trams and released traffic. Meteor shower has damaged the bridge that was temporarily trained for traffic.

Damage to Slovenj Gradec and Radlja ob Dravi
The municipality of Slovenj Gradec also suffered heavy rain. Firefighters PGD Pameče – Troblje were transferred to the villages of Pameč, Gmajna and Gradišče, where they removed the water from the building, cleaned the holes with the help of the machine, cleaned the canal and secured an object with floodbags. Firefighters PGD Šmartno cleaned the water from the basement of the residential building in Šmartno and protected the object with floodbags.

In the Work of the Drava, due to storms, there was a power failure at the transmission line. There were 143 households without electricity.

In the afternoon hours, there was a stronger storm in the area of ​​Idrija, where it appeared for several hours. In some places, there was also a thunder, the website reported.

What will be the time of the next day?
Storms and storms can still be formed at night. Particularly in the early morning hours, there may be severe storms in the northern Adriatic and southwestern Slovenia. Morning temperatures range from 11 to 16, at sea about 18 degrees Celsius.

On Saturday it will be partly sunny with variable cloudiness, with some surfaces and storms. The highest daily temperatures will range from 21 to 25, in Primorska up to 27 degrees Celsius.

On Sunday it will be sunny in mid-day and afternoon, but will be variable, sometimes cloudy, and there will be a few storms and storms. On Monday and Tuesday in the afternoon there will be some surfaces in the afternoon.

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