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Apple leaves the legendary iphon and ipod designers

June 29. 2019 06:00

| Updated: 7:54 / 29/06/2019

Apple leaves the legendary iphon and ipod designers

Apple's technological div Apple will have to find a new top designer. Jony Ive, who has so far occupied this city, leaves the company and goes to their own, and Apple's message for Thursday is compressed by foreign news agencies.

"Jony is an outstanding figure in the world of design and his role in Apple's revival can not be described," said Apple Tim Cook, chief executive officer.

Ive, by the British, was responsible for designing all of Apple's important products, including an updated computer maker in 1998. This is the product that Apple saved from the collapse. After leaving Apple, he intends to "set up his own design company, which Apple will consider as its primary customer," according to the French AFP news agency, in the US technology boom.

Today, 52-year-old Ivo joined Apple in the early 1990s and took over the design team's leadership in 1996. He liked one of the nearest Apple CEO Steve Jobs who died in 2011. and iphoni, as well as iOS operating system running Apple devices.

According to Cook, Apple will continue to work on exclusive projects with Apple while in the future Apple will count on the "brilliant and passionate" design team set up by the outgoing company leader.

"After nearly 30 years and countless projects, I'm extremely proud of the work we've done in designing a design team, process and culture in Apple, which has no examples," Iva told the German Press Office. In his words, the team is "more alive and more talented" than ever in Apple's history.

Technological analyst Roger Kay of Endpoint Technologies told AFP that the role of Ivo in Apple is extremely high. "Its sensibility to design was his key contribution," he said. "He was able to understand what Steve Jobs wanted and bring it to reality. It was pretty magical," he described.

Apple has recently been less focused on products and more and more services. The company, which has recently lost its position as the world's largest market of market capitalization, strengthens its offer of music streaming services and digital payments.

More recently, it has already launched News + for news, and will also launch a streaming video streaming platform this year, attacking competitors such as Netflix. In partnership with Goldman Sachs, the company will also offer its own credit card, and will also introduce a mobile gaming service.

In the first quarter of this year, smartphone sales fell by 30.2 percent to 36.4 million units a year, according to IDC's research company. Iphoni is the key driver of Apple's revenue in recent years.

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