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At the beginning of the Mercu trial, the ministry emphasized zero tolerance of violence

As the Ministry of Education, Science and Sports have written in the press release, they can not comment on the concrete case because the procedure has not yet been completed. Being the director of the Ljubljana Primary School Dušan Merc protected elementary school students, who pretended to be sexually assaulted by elementary school students, found themselves in court. The school inspectorate complains that students have violated their legal right to school by banning entry to school. The Inspectorate also followed the prosecution.

However, they explained that the frequency of various forms of violence in schools is well-known and resolved as a priority, as securing a safe and stimulating learning environment is one of the basic goals of education. "When violence arises, immediate action is needed, and the school must, in any way, detect violence among its counterparts in such a way as to protect a child victim of violence" they emphasized.

They explained that the Education and Training Institute, with the help of external experts from 2016, assisted experts on how to deal specifically with violence, with a handbook for dealing with peer violence in education.

In addition to system solutions, the Ministry also emphasizes further education and training of experts in the area. For example, together with the Institute for Education, the Police, the Educational Community, education, science and culture of Slovenia and others, they regularly organize consultations on this topic.

They have also prepared a special web site where experts, school management and parents can get useful information at one place to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment in the education system.

The school through various forms of preventive activities and awareness raising both in the mandatory and extended part of the curriculum sensitizes students for recognition and appropriate action in the event of violence, added the ministry, stressing that the safety and integrity of children will always be their "first and foremost concern".

He added that it is important to work with other competent institutions and parents, as the school is just one of the areas where the child is involved. "The welfare of our children must be the concern of the whole society" they are safe.

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