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Beat Feuz The skier winner at Beaver Creek, Klemen Kosi excellent 15.

Beat Feuz is a ski winner for the Alpine Skiers' World Cup in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Mauro Caviezel (+0.07) took care of the double Swiss victory in second place. A third of Norway's Aksel Lund Svindal remained on the track just a hundred. The best Slovenian was Klemen Kosi with 15th place (0.91).

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Klemen Kosi

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Twenty-two-year-old Kosi scored the third best Slovenian achievement on the slopes of Beaver Creek, and only Andrej Jerman scored 10th and 12th place (2006, 2007, 2008) better than before. Mariborcan was three years old on skiing in Beaver Creek 19, his best skiing success in January 14, 2015 in Kitzbühel.

The other three Slovenes were slow for thirty points. Martin Chatper was 33th (+1.28), Miha Hrobat 47th (+1.89) and Boštjan Kline 54th (+2.26).

Organizers have problems over time

Men's World Championships in Beaver Creek are a major issue for the time being. Due to the snow, only three skiing courses were conducted, and they were forced to move from Saturday to Friday. Finally, the ski resort was shortened for more than half a mile.

The ski slopes have taken quite a few parts, all along the trail is shorter for 630 meters. For the time being, SuperGeasel remains on Saturday as well as giant slalom on Sunday.

There was an interesting conflict for skiing, where snow was snowing, and the fog was also in the upper part. Svindal did not defend last year's victory and stays at four wins in this arena, which is still the highest among all. For eight hundredths of a hundred, Feuz was faster, with sloping slopes on the Ptic Route course with a time of 1: 15.59.

Eleventh victory for Feuz

Beat Feuz

Photo: Reuters

In the past season, Feuz won only three wins in the World Cup for the skiing summit and a small crystal globe. In the new season he also found a winning line, which was in Beaver Creek, where he was three times traveling (2011, 2014 and 2017), and won the Bronze Bronze at the World Championships in 2015. Feuz entered his 11th World Cup qualification, the eighth slalom.

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