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Because of cheating the hospital will have to be closed for four years

Former adviser to UKC Ljubljana General Manager Gregor Cerkvenik is guilty four times at the end of 2007 and in the summer of 2008 with fraud, falsification of stamps and signatures of the Ljubljana University Clinical Center Ljubljana (UKC) Darinke Miklavčič and the institutes were employees in the financial department paying a total of EUR 460,000 to the accounts of companies in China and France. He called for secret EU projects and co-operation with the Ministry of Defense.

He joined a variety of employees in the financial and accounting department when they usually rush or have a lot of work, forcing them to want additional information to make the transfer every time. Every time he claimed that the hospital would be damaged if the money was not paid.

In mid-July 2008, Miklavcic's suspicion occurred and ordered control and reported the case to the police. Cerkevic was given a break-in agreement, signed a cash-back contract, and then disappeared. After years of searching, he was found in the Dominican Republic, which was handed over to his country in June this year.

At a pre-trial hearing, Cerkvenik stated that he pleaded guilty and complained of his actions, but caused formal confession guilty of the fact that the prosecution would turn into allegations of four false misdemeanors for which four years and ten months in prison were filed in the complaint of a continuation of a criminal proceeding acts, which would also result in a lower penalty. On Thursday is the closing word, according to the newspaper diarybut he claimed that he did not commit fraud fraudulently, that money did not go to his pocket and that he was in "serious health situation "And, too, many people from that time do not even remember and did so because of many pressures from UKC Ljubljana, Slovenia and abroad.

Judge of the District Court in Ljubljana Ciril Kerchmanc today he said it was "a confession that was not"When he explained his decision, he explained that someone with an average salary from the time of fraud (then 945 euros) would have to work 40 years to earn 460,000 euros."That's a big deal. So I think I even owed the thing through punishment, "He said.

"You have had great trust from your colleagues, previous bosses, and you expect greater integrity from people in such positions, and if there is a deviation from such behavior, the cry is even bigger, "the judge stated, referring to the testimony of former UKC director Ljubljana Miklavcic who said he did not want to say anything positive about his former colleague.

Thursday, in the last reading before today's verdict, Cerkvenik's lawyer Is Mušinovič after writing Diary stated that there is no evidence that the defendant deliberately inflicted damage on UKC Ljubljana, and therefore proposed an acquittal. According to him, UKC Ljubljana's property was not reduced due to Cerkevic's actions, but that was "just changed the shape of money into UKC receivables".

Cerkvenik has asked Judge Keršmanac on Thursday for premature imprisonment, and because of asthma problems he is still in the Kopt Prison because of the milder Mediterranean climate. The judge accepted his proposal about the early beginning of the sentence, but not about the place. He noted that judges rarely make decisions, but this is usually left to the prison system, which distributes the prisoners according to the availability of certain capacities.

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