Sunday , March 7 2021

Because of the new luggage rules over Ryanaira and Wizz Aira

Italian Public Attorney General has announced legal proceedings against low-cost airlines Ryanair and Wizz Air. Both carriers have recently begun to charge the usual size for hand luggage, which would mean misrepresenting the real price. Meanwhile, Ryanair claims that new rules increase the accuracy of the aircraft.


Italian competition a week ago, Irish and Madam wood & # 382;I would like to impose the implementation of the changes that would be in accordance with the law, but companies ignored the call. For example, both airlines have recently decided to allow passengers free to leave just a small piece of personal luggage that can be stored under the seat. All other luggage will have to go up.

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One week ago, the Italian competition officer ordered Irish and Hungarian aircraft to implement changes that were in accordance with the legislation, but the company called the call. Recently, both airlines have decided to allow passengers to take only a small piece of personal luggage, which can be kept free of charge under the seats. All other luggage will have to be compensated.

Wizz Air has also recently begun to fill in the usual sized luggage.


& # 34;The requirement to add the basic element of the airport contract, the luggage compartment, means a realistic display of the actual cost and cost of a stroke comparison; between the carrier, which is a misleading consumer, & # 34; The early Italian week was the slow movement of Italian competition supervision.

In Ryana, however, they stressed that the new luggage rules that apply for & # 269; etin November, buyers and aircraft all over Europe were well received. It is a good idea for travelers to save, as they have eight euros for 10 kilos of tequila instead of 25 euros for 20 kilograms of luggage, according to British media.

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"Seeking additional compensation for the essential element of the air transport contract, a hand luggage, means misrepresenting the actual ticket price and making it difficult to compare the costs between the carrier, leading to confusion among the consumers, "Italian competition last week said.

Ryanair stressed that the new luggage rules that were in place since the beginning of November were well received by customers and airports throughout Europe. They are convinced that travelers save because British media pay eight euros for 10 pounds of heavy boxes instead of 25 euros for 20 pounds of luggage.

Ryanair points out that the new rules of the party are well-received.PHOTO: AP


At the same time, 50% of customers on the aircraft "always carry two bags, because it allows them to buy the desired boarding option. It costs € 35 but is available for a limited number of passengers.

With this smaller luggage, it is provided to passengers Speed ​​dialThey come across a security check on the plane & # 39; A & # 39 ;. The measure must also be ensured Speed ​​dialStarting and therefore less delay in departure. Since November 1, 88% of Ryanairo's are targeted yearsin the first seven days before 77 percent.

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At the same time, 50 percent of customers still carry two bags on the airplane, allowing them to buy the desired option of boarding. The cost is € 6 but is available for a limited number of passengers.

At the same time, a smaller amount of luggage ensures a faster passenger journey through security checks at the airport. The measure is also designed to ensure faster boarding and thus less delay in departure. Since November 1, 88 percent of Ryanair flights have reached the goal, and 77 percent in seven days.

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