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Brother Hafner found love in the play. Is a double marriage promising?

From this season they left two pairs, Gasper Hafner with Patrici Lovenjak, and his brother Jaka with Anom Podobnik, who carried their firstborn under their heart. Darja Tomažin and Tomas Bizjak were surprised by the invitation to the festive dinner.

The Štatenberg Castle was the scene of the final act of this year's love season at home. Before the rural heroes met Tanny Postružnik Koren, they enjoy a hot dance place. Gashper Hafner joked:I do not know what side I would look at."Jože Rožen was the hottest, and Tomaž Bizjak brought all six female dancers to the farm, and the seventh then gathered at the table where they were waiting for their attendants." as his brother, probably happier chicken and bread.

Seven magnificentPHOTO: POP TV

Gasper Hafner He said he was brilliantly recording, gaining new experiences and many acquaintances. Tanja estimated her farm was very hot. Gasper: "Maybe I did it a little bit red because I loved you, but I say God gives you, you can not throw it away."With Tanja they joined Patricia, who had not moved to his farm because he did not want to hurry. Parents and friends supported them, and they seemed to be the heroes of the village.

The rural heroes agreed to be a nice couplePHOTO: POP TV

Milan Tržan he found that he had shaved the command. Milan: "I work under the command."Despite Irini's estimates that there are no cracks among them, he was optimistic:"There is still something, and if it is, one can be ignored."But Irena reaffirmed that Milan is not a man of desire for her heart."

Irena does not want to be a milan favoritePHOTO: POP TV

Darja Tomažin She came alone from a romantic trip with Mark, because before that Natasha came to her life, with whom she is today a couple. She invited her favorite young man Branko Cvek for dinner, despite the fact that she was the most angry during roaming on her estate. She said she opened her eyes and gave her a lot of advice, but for now they are just friends. Branko added that everything was in her hands.

Branka invited BrankaPHOTO: POP TV

Jaka Hafnerin the show he realized that the number was just the number when the game was in love. He said he had a nice experience, who would love to work again. But when they left with Tanja in his choice, they did not expect Saša Omeragić, but Anu Podobnik, the former Gašper's elector. Gašper said he was in love with Saško not coming out and going in every direction. Anna recorded with her sister Katarina during the recording, then visited her several times and met Jakus. Ana: "Then sparks jumped in and out."We also learned that Anne's girlfriend Jaka had always wanted. The gathering company was incredibly surprised, we heard a debate on a double marriage."It was nice to come a little cheaper."

There are actually three photographs in the photoPHOTO: POP TV

Miha Božič he admitted that his heart was hard to disappoint his chosen, but unfortunately, no one was right for him. He was most concerned with Barbar, with whom he was in contact and called him to the conclusion of Love at Home. We know that Miha was already in love and that his heart won the viewer.

Miha called BarbarPHOTO: POP TV

Jože Rožen he immediately told me to look for a new love. When he remembered the memory of all that he had experienced, he was tearful. He was not entirely certain that Mary would join him, and when he came in, he hugged and rejoiced:Oh, my love.She said she liked her, but she was aware she was not returning her feelings.

Mary said there would not be bread from Jocine's flourPHOTO: POP TV

also, Tomaž Bizjak he was happy about everything he had seen on the show, even though he did not find his dream woman. He put his love life on the sidewalk and devoted himself to work, so he invited him to dinner with Urban's friend, which means much to him. The family was surprised but cheerful music scores.

No, they are not a couplePHOTO: POP TV

From this season they left two pairs, Gašper and Patricia, and a big surprise to all, Jaka and Ana. Tanja: "Now we all laugh for a double wedding."

Hafner brothers and their beautiful favorites, Ana Podobnik and Patricia LovenjakPHOTO: POP TV

New opportunities and opportunities for love are opened. Heroes of the New Season Love for Your Home are awaiting your letters at Ljubezen po domaćem, p. 777, Ljubljana.

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