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By number one or none: it provokes its own character and giants

After the wind was blowing in the October giant slalom in Sölden, the best Slovenian Alpine skier, Gen. Kranjec, will be the first to present his paradise event on Sunday in Beaver Creek. "I'm fast, I'm calm, but the race is not trained," reports Colorado giant slalom giant slalom. This time, with its typical quiet voice, it gives the impression of a framed young man. The young man who is skiing on the ski runs himself and overcomes his character.

The blueprint was dedicated to the number one start in Sloče a month ago. For the first time in a career. But that was just for his memory, because there were no glaciers because of unfavorable weather conditions. The big slalom season will start on Sunday at Beaver Creek for 26-year-old Bukovac who moved to the elite seventh year in the past season. After the speedboat at Ptice's escorts to track points on ski and supercars, the American tour curtain falls with giant slalom.

Gen Kranjec has never faded in American snow. The last 14th place in Beaver Creek is the only valid result. "I can also be here" after Vail training, he is the fourth giant slalom from the Olympic Games, allegedly dangerous mainly on technically demanding routes, for example in Sölden, Val d'Isere and Alti Badia. This year he will try to prove that he can do the best bone in several places.

In his daily communication he is politely polite and reserved, sometimes shy. But when he enters the home, it provokes courage, aggression, and aggression. In extraordinarily strong giant slalom giants, he raised giant slalom at these levels with the attention of the greatest masters. Regardless of whether to have one or seven …

Žan Kranjec

Photo: Bojan Puhek

With the modest achievements of skiers in the season, they rejoin the first run of the men's team. Is this extra burden?
I'm trying to stay focused on skiing. My job is to train well but above all to transfer skiing to the game. With this status, imposed on me by the media and the public for skiing, I'm not burdened. But I do not hide, sometimes me too. Not disturbing.

For the second consecutive season, you are left without a Sölden game that breaks giant slalom. Do you still feel for yourself?
It is not pleasant when you are preparing and counting for a few days for the first giant slalom competition, then quit a few hours before the start. Of course, I wanted to do it. Also due to the feeling of good readiness. But he can not fight nature. I quickly accepted the dismissal as a fact and completely prepared for the start of the season. I was focused on my work. I believe that on Sunday I can show what I know.

At the Olympic Games, he stopped immediately below the stairs.

At the Olympic Games, he stopped immediately below the stairs.
Photo: Stanko Gruden, STA

In the summer of the new season, you slid into the slalom and miss the final Levi with the starting number 82 in 28 seconds.
Whenever I start at the beginning of the slalom, regardless of the starting number, the goal is at least to enter the finals. The path to Levi is known as one that at least partially allows to be among the thirty. And this time, the goal was available, so I'm sorry. I know driving is not perfectly flawless. I'm also sorry about the previous training, which is somewhat limited because of back problems. Well, it's all right now. Slalom, however … I'm preparing better than last season, but I'll have to prove it.

Word or two about preparations for Vail …
They were expecting us well. At first we were trained on somewhat weaker grounds. Below the trail was prepared with water, so the surface was heavier. So he takes care of different trainings. With work, we are all happy together. We stick to the plan. It must be until Sunday's match.

Moving from autumn to winter?
Absolutely. As a skier, I like real winter conditions. Well, I'm not talking about extremely low temperatures. There was one day in Vail. Mercury fell to minus twenty degrees Celsius. Otherwise, time was convenient and appropriate for quality training.

In the summer, he was also keen to return to Alta Badia 2017 on the winner's stage.

In the summer, he was also keen to return to Alta Badia 2017 on the winner's stage.
Photo: Bojan Puhek

From your camp there were tips on excellent preparation in Sölden. Do you believe that you kept that level?
I believe I did it. I'm fast, but I already knew in Söldn that the difference between training and match was great. If you go skiing well in training, it does not mean much if you are unable to transfer the level to the matches. This is my biggest challenge. In the season, I do not think I give up on competitors or give anything. I want to show your best performances. If I succeed, I will surely be satisfied with the result.

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Brave Ilka already shows the teeth

Are you also convinced of the latest training comparisons?
In Vail we were mostly friends of Germans and Austrians, including Marcelo Hirscher. I got confirmation that I could be in the foreground with good skiing. It calms me. It is important for orientation and self-confidence. But he has trained me with good foreign competitors ever more and more motivated.

In the recent years you have discovered a lot of unwritten rules or stereotypes. However, you should still consider it as highly competitive and technically demanding routes and that American matches are not written on your skin. Can you cope with this unscripted rule on Sunday?
There will probably always be a line that will be more favorable to me than others. This is the case with all the skiers. In any case, I want to be competitive in all situations, on all snow bases and on various configurations. Bevaer Creek? I'm sure I can be better than in the past. In recent times, I skipped to a higher level and at slightly less demanding routes.

We are often talking about a particular snow in Colorado. Can you describe this year's "performance"?
Snow is dry and very aggressive. This is because of low humidity in the air and low temperatures. The difference compared to European snow is significant, although it has been slightly reduced due to water in the matches. It's important to win that foundation. We will train to Vail by Friday.

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Red light for Philip Flipper

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"Ilka will not win at the expense of others'




Weekend matches

Lake Louise (women):

Friday: Superheros (20.30)
Saturday: sky (20.30)
Sunday: skiing (19.00)

Beaver Creek (man):
Friday: Super League (18.45)
Saturday: skiing (19.00)
Sunday: giant slalom (17.45 / 20.35)

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It seems that the injuries in the "white circus" do not end




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