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Criminals have once marked the richest Slovenes

According to our data, criminal investigators of the National Investigation Office (NPU) Mirko Tuš, the owner of the Tuš chain, were supervised by the controversial transfer of the trademarks of the former Tušmobil to tax havens.

Police today announced that they filed criminal charges against three natural persons in the Celtic Public District Prosecutor's Office suspected of committing criminal acts of abuse of power or trust in economic activity and money laundering.

According to our information about it Mirka Tusa, the owner of the shower chain, his wife Tanny shower and one of the former Directors of the Shower Group.

NPU Mirko Tuš is charged with acquiring EUR 29 million in revenue from the transfer of Tušmobil's brands outside Hong Kong's lender with his wife Tanju Tuš, thereby abusing her position.

Tusmobil brands are prohibited

As we have said, Mirko Tuš has long delayed the sale of the mobile operator and rejected the offers he considered too low. In 2014 he agreed with Telemach about the sale of Tusmobiles to EUR 110 million.

As a result, banks that received most of the purchase price learned that Mirko Tuš, in parallel with Telemach, had agreed on the sale of the Tušmobil brand, which, on their surprise, was owned by Mirko's spouse and Tanja Tuš.


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Although Telemach was closed shortly after taking over, he paid EUR 29 million for him. The deal was concluded in Luxembourg, where Telemach is owned, and Middlesbor's property is owned by Hong Kong.

The NPU research has shown that the company is under pressure from Tušin's spouses.

Subsequently, ownership by Hong Kong and, consequently, trademarks, was transferred to Luxembourg. "They did so with the intention of masking or attempting to conceal the origin of money laundering and conceal traces of origin and prevent the identification of the holders of this property," the police said today.

In October last year, NPU also conducted home searches with Mirko Tuš.

Criminals have sought evidence that justifies suspicion of a crime of embezzlement and unjustified use of foreign property and money laundering. According to police, the Tuš group should be damaged for 19 million euros.

Earlier this year, when we were responsible for requesting the Tuš group to comment on a criminal investigation into controversial trademark transfers, they replied, "You are protected by Mr. Mirko Tuš's trademark. An additional comment seems unnecessary."

Why is alienation controversial?

Criminals also investigate controversial sales of Engrotuša brands.

Lenders for a long time sell their claim to the Shower Group, and their buyer becomes the new owner of the third largest retail chain in the country by converting into equity. Mirko Tuš got the leverage of the disputed alienation of Engrotuš's brands to cause a lot of problems to the new owner of the Tuš group.

Trademark ownership allows him to:

  • prevent the owner of the new store from using the brand Tuš,
  • requires a high fee or fee for its use, or
  • sets different requirements: either by co-ownership or by the remainder of the director's position.

SID Bank, Gorenjska banka and NLB, the main creditors of the Tuš Group, announced last year's number of criminal offenses.

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Brands shipped out of reach of creditors

As we discovered, Tus has already put the brand of Engrotuş into itself in 2011.

Later, when the banks were increasingly thinking about the fact that Mirko Tusa and the third largest retail chain in the country would be sold by Engrotuša, Tuš family decided for a new maneuver.


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In 2016, Hong Kong, the former British colony in China, was founded by Tus Global Group, which was transferred to the brand Engrotuš, among which the key brand Tus.

In this way, Tusin's spouses did not only bankrupt banks which, despite their excessive indebtedness, retained their lives, but also the future owner of the shop, which the banks would sell their share.

The shower is already on Tushmobil

The trial is already due to the controversial allocation of free radio frequencies to Tušmobil, accused of bribing the former director of the agency's Communications Network Agency (Akos) Tomaž Simonič.

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