Tuesday , May 18 2021

Disappointed Igor Mikić goes on vacation

In the fifth show of all ten dance pairs, he realized that he would have to forgive in the movie night. If this is a surprise for the top model and leader of Igor Mikhic, it was even more surprising when he announced that he and his partner Valeriya left the concert.

Igor Mikić and Valeriya Musina are one of the two pairs that came out of the fifth show and the stars are dancing. PHOTO: Miro Majcen

The fifth show is a spectacular show The stars are dancingwho died in the film atmosphere, while dance dances danced themed spots from well-known movies, she was also surprised that two pairs of pairs left the concert. One of them is also Igor Mikićand Valeriya Musina, "We all have little doubt that after mathematical calculations something does not stop because many dance pairs do not pass"said Valeriya, clearly disappointed, added Igor MikićWe suspect something will happen, but we did not expect to have to go home. We were very confident in our point and we did a lot of things, both in training and in the show. But it's a show, and you know what they say: "The show has to go further!" and we are also.' "

Missed star concerts are dancing at VOYO on Monday at 12 o'clock in sign language. You can also check the language of the sign language on Saturdays at 14: 40h on POP TV.

Although Igor and Valeria immediately admitted they were disappointed because they left the concert, the Stars are dancing, but they do not tolerate any objection. "Of course there is no change but disappointment. That is me. But just because I could show a lot in future shows. We showed progress, but that is it. The judges have a difficult task because all the couples are great and we will continue to cheer for our favorites, which we will not bet, but we will continue to follow the course.said Mikić.

The back muscle Mikić did not hide the disappointment of having finished the dance competition for him. PHOTO: Miro Majcen

Asked if he would continue to dance and train despite being outcast, he fired:Actually, I really miss fitness. Now, first, a week of deserved vacation, then think ahead."Besides, Valeriya added with a smile:"Maybe we will change the situation now and go to the fitness room with Igor. "

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