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Djura's daughter and Tanja Ribic hit the famous celebrity

"Stop working stupid people of glory," Mrala Đurić wrote in the photo Kylie Jenner, which has artificial lashes in her hands. In addition, there is also a photo of a lamb-free kennel, suggesting that it is a daughter Branka Đurića Đura and Tanja Ribič That's because Kylie was supposed to build a cosmetic empire on cosmetics produced by animals.

Kylie, the youngest clan of Kardashian-Jenner, brought glory to her family and became one of the youngest billionaires in the world because of her aesthetic line.

Under Zalin's announcement, one of the commentators wrote that Kylie promotes cosmetics that animals do not use or experiment on animals. "Continue to educate yourself before posting a picture glued to another without knowing the background and harm to those who are actually trying to improve the animal world," the commentator wrote.

Publication of Zala Đurić on Instagram, which he withdrew after several hours. PHOTO: Instagram

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