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Do not take it! It is better not to see what our basketball team USPELO in Ukraine

Slovenian basketball players experienced sixth defeats in the World Cup qualifiers.

Ukraine – Slovenia 82:54 (22:18, 35:25, 58:34)
* Junost Theater, 3000 spectators, judges: Baldini (Italy), Michaelides (Switzerland), Liszka (Poland).
* Ukraine: Boyarkin 6 (0: 2), Pustozvonov 2 (2: 2), Kobec 13, Lipov 10 (1: 1), Herun 6 (0: 2), Bobrov 11, Pavlov 2, Kravtsov 10) , Clip 11 (2: 2).
* Slovenia: Rebec 9 (1: 2), Murić 2, Mesiček 12 (1: 1), Hrovat 13 (3: 4), Mahković 3 (1: 1), Dimec 6, Čančar 5 4 (1: 2).
* Free throws: Ukraine 7:11, Slovenia 12:15.
* We met for two points: Ukraine 21:35, Slovenia 15:39.
* Satisfying for three points: Ukraine 11:28 (Say 3, Kobec 3, Boyarin 2, Lipovie, Bobrov, Middle), Slovenia 4:24 (Rebec 2, Mesichek, Voice).
* Skokovi: Ukraine 40 (31 + 9), Slovenia 35 (23 + 12).
* Personal mistakes: Ukraine 17, Slovenia 18.
Five personal:.

So, the three circuits ended up without the chance to go to China before the end. In Zaporozhye they had to admit the predominant Ukraine, which celebrated with 82:54 (22:18, 35:25, 58:34).

Slovenian basketball players experienced the sixth defeat in the World Cup qualifiers and the three rounds before the end finally lost their chance to go to China. In Zaporozhye they had to admit Ukraine's favor, which celebrated at 82:54.

The re-occupation of Rade Trifunović's menu was without the possibility of breaking the longest negative set in the history of Slovenian member selection. After winning the title of the European Champion last year after fifteen consecutive wins – six in qualifiers and nine at Eurobasket in Finland and Turkey – and then qualified for the World Cup with success against Belarus, she won only one game in the last eight games.

In February this year she won her in Podgorica and lost in the future Belarus, Spain, Montenegro, Turkey, Ukraine and Latvia, with whom she will be leaving at 17:00 in Stožice this Sunday. By the end of the qualification, and then in February 2019 will be tour of Turkey and home test with Ukraine.

Given that Slovenia does not have a chance to qualify for the World Cup, the Trifunovic menu will most likely enable Jigi Dimcu to leave his new club, Panevežys Lietkabelis from Lithuania, which means that Slovenia will play without the top player on Sunday, Miha Skedelj, who is sitting on the table, took advantage of the opportunity.

Ukraine deserved to win only the third win against Slovenia in thirteen games, first after twenty-one years or eleven consecutive defeats. At the beginning he took the lead with 7: 0, and management did not miss his hand until the end of the game.

At the end of the first quarter, Slovenia approached at 17:16, but in the other ten minutes it was completely reduced. Without a Combat Offensive, with a catastrophic goal of three points (0:14 in the first half), not strong enough defense, was a simple prey for Ukraine, who first scored the first two points with 18 points in the first 14 minutes, then when in the second quarter Slovenia reached only one basketball game in the second quarter, it was already 35:21.

Selektor Rado Trifunović frequently changed and sought out moody players, but he did not have a bench at this time. The other half was a real move. At the end of the third quarter, Ukraine had twenty points in the lead (54:34), and at the end of the game, Slovenia's overall defeat in history was already in danger of widespread disintegration.

In the quarter-finals of the 2014 World Cup in Barcelona, ​​Slovenia lost the dream team with 43 points, while in 2000 Croatia and Italy beat 30 and 29 points in friendly matches. Slovenia has therefore suffered the second biggest defeat in qualifying matches or major competitions in southeastern Ukraine, and the fourth worst since 1992.

* Rado Trifunovic, the Slovenian menu: "The Ukrainians started to be strong and very motivated, on the other hand, I'm afraid, without the right answer. The difference is just growing, although we are young, we have to show more will, power and character in the future. I hope this is a good school for all of us and that we will be at the next match on Sunday, players will have to first get out of this shock because it is clear that they were very disappointed, proud to come to the national team and then have suffered a great defeat, we have to go up and show that we can play basketball in those three days. "

* Gregor Hrovat, a Slovenian player: "The match was open too quiet, we did not adhere to the deal, we were without real energy and fighting spirit, and Ukraine ultimately deserved a lot to win, and in the second half we were bitter in every respect. baskets, and we did not have any answers. "

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