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Facebook is the oldest v substitute for peculiar data

Retrieving personal data has been unlucky in the last few days. Introduce unparalleled information for advertisers (in agencies of various governments around the globe) who provide us with their assistance by delivering ads that are handled practically by the user. In this respect, Facebook lives from ads, not presumably, to make sure that they are struggling to get rid of the data, and so he has to pay a novice to make a step away from the competition.

The birthday party TechCrunch, Facebook's flight from 2016 onwards, I have a medal of 13 in 25 flights, a payoff of $ 20 per month in exchange for a Facebook Research application. The application was run by a VPN (ang. virtual private network, navidezno virtualno omezje), through Facebook there is a large collection of data to be transferred to the device. from the device.

The application is to accommodate requests t.i. root certificate, the Korenian achievement, which is complemented by the various activities that have been sent in the early propaganda. The application is oddly from the user's wishes for the postage screen of the camera collection at Amazon, so it is anticipated to get a better vpogled in the naked voice of its users.

So you look like app ads (vir: TechCrunch)

Facebook is the right information to gather in front of the Onavo Protect application, which has been released for the first time since it was set up for WhatsApp, so Facebook has received a large amount of money that is being transmitted daily via WhatsApp. Apply Facebook last spring from Applove's store App Store App, she has violated shopkeepers.

The apple has been experienced by Facebook Research. The App Store Trade Appliance does not meet the requirements for root certificate on the telephones, following the application of the company, whose names have been made by their service providers.

The Facebook Research application has been advertised, and the use of social networking across various apps, such as Snapchat in Instagram, from ads is not apparent, so that Facebook could be vpleten – it was fairly priceless before appointeed apps.

The tension between Apple's Apply in Facebook would be high, which AppLock CEO Tim Cook criticized Facebook's way of encrypting peculiar data. Sedu and it sucks about the ability to make Apple populnolo get Facebook applications, who demanded root access, not that, but intended for serving. The application is highly volunteered through the Google Store Play Store.

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