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Flu of Croatia will require 45 lives

In Croatia, who reported the worst epidemic of influenza in the last tenth decades, the deaths of 45 deaths in 28,664 were reported by the National Institute of Public Health (Hzjz). It is estimated that in Croatia it is approaching the top of the summer flu epidemic, after which 11,000 people have been exposed by the thunder, the bear is the largest number of illnesses in the world today.

Prepare tudi: V UKC Ljubljana 400 suffered primary flu

Since January 18, who has published the first collection of data on the seventh mortal sacrifice in some time, 8600 people who have been infected with the flu have been fewer than ten people since the deaths of 37 people died, so I've been around 20,000. In view of the fact that the number of diseased people has jumped in the second half of January, it is estimated that the peak of influenza can easily be suffered by some people, and then the influenza virus is postponed.

He was on his side to hear that the victim of the flu was 85, 25 years old and 25 years old, and he was 65 years old, but he was still in chronic pain. Poudarili know, that in Croatia, the influenza A type virus is brewing to register with the largest number of people in Zagreb in the vicinity of Slavonia in Dalmatia.

Cold, flu, flu – what are you storytelling?

The National Institute for Public Health (NIJZ), in its annual seasonal flu season, noted an increase in the number of patients with acute illnesses. An increase in the number of people was observed in the age group of elderly people, disaggregated by the 65-year olds. The highest increase in acute illness was observed in the early stages of the 7th age.

The nursing home of the NIJZ was in the middle of the sixth season of influenza, that is, on January 14, on January 20, the second one increased, so there was a small number of people sent to the laboratories for testing, in spite of the few positive hospitals. There was a terrible delusion of viziers, with four other viruses, positive viruses, and so excited from the Slovene region.

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