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From math, Mate 20 Pro Huawei will be chasing – Technically

Matjaž Ropret

November 26, 2018 ob 17:31

Huawei has succeeded by hitting a large leap from the unknown producer of the phone's touches of the mocha of the best-of-the-art maker to the fast tracking pace of development. Vseeno so we went to letos of his testers to repeat a good mantra – zeal with good, skirt on the level of the best advanced, venda not pure, in z malo res stastopaaja lastnostmi. With the P20 Pro in the new Mate 20 Pro, this is a stand-in. The next debauchery premature is a technology in the imagination, other models of other products do not offer.

The first is the camera. We are complaining about the academic debate, but the best, but not the least. Even so, but by the end, he uses hardware, he has it on his mind. In addition to its results, other little else earns the highly overwhelmed acquisition of inteligence in the algorithm for writing v files jpg. So take the flexibility, you're already getting the phone with the phone, the second big thing. High-level self-sufficiency results are in addition to what is known as a nightmare. In use, advanced HDDs want more surveillance and less memory, "easy to use", easy to take pictures of. The photos are taken by a half-dozen photographers, and you are still imaginative photographers, with fewer contrasts in the ponderous objects of the slave, from the crude record (dng), so it is time to marshal, engage some crocheting program. To play the game, the flavor of the image (screen) is a portrait mode.

Predictable and flexible, it has the same three lenses. The slope of custom footprints is extremely wide (approx. 16 mm) in telephoto lens (80 mm) plus a combination of optical and digital zoom (135 mm). Warmly welcomed, it is a respectable quality, sloping behind the main lens. Seveda so posnetki rahlo »sodčkasti«, so spet ne pretirano. The word "zum" is known to be smaller typed in a small dot, it is high and is easy to use, especially in good light. The room for the relaxation of the Black-and-white type in the lens of wide-angle lens was a bad thing in the right. Interestingly enough, Huawei will be able to program upgrades to bring the camera up and running in the way of the latest models.

The next step is biometrics. Apple is a real-life player for the iPhone X, two of them. V is the first type, that in the integrated display of the fingerprints of the fingers, the clue is that they will speak too early, which is so close to multiplicity. In spite of the fact that the face with the Face ID technology, with the lack of Kinect, knows a flight ahead of the competition. In this way, it is decided to stop recognizing the cheek of the (clairvoyant) performances of the fingers of the fingers from the front side of the phone, so that the technology does not become mature enough. It was stated that both assumptions were pessimistic. V sales is a bigger phone, at the top of the square it recognizes the fingers directly on the screen, so I'm going to have an all-encompassing biometrics that will be there.

Prav Mate 20 Pro offers both. As for the loudspeakers of the fingers, the display shows the difference between the parts. It is critical that we should be honored, who we have been in the last few days of Huawei, that they will be from somewhat unexpectedly urgent, and that they will not recognize the finger, as it has happened to the classics. Toda is my new clash of pants. Res is, that recognizes lasts a little bit, half a second in seconds. I have a problem with my shopkeeper, I let my finger go to work, so why not. Shamefulness is so great for me, it only shakes me, I have wet fingers, arm and fingers for the rest of you. Well, the animation is interesting, and in some décor you will be accurately dressed, I will lay my finger, and the crocodile will be stained. The driver is on the front side and he is so fond of me, so I have to go back to the phone, who is lying a bit off of me at the water so that he can talk to him in the night.

Toda vsem, who I do not love chalk, I advocate cheating. With it, the phone is switched off, and the phone is switched on. Coming down and practically v vsem razmerah. V normal light, v themes, on a son, with a cap, and froze. I do not see any significant differences between the application and the improper implementation of Huawei's verdict. If you do not need to (keep going) with your finger on the screen, the timing is very straightforward.

The hardness of the screen and the earnings of a recognized fingers do not suffice. In fact, because of the specification that should not be scratched, the OLED connection is slightly worse than lansome v Mate 10 Pro. A little bit of tego v P20 Pro. It's a big crap that's bigger and bigger, its late-spotted screen technology, which is sparkling in purity, not even behind. The bridge is backed up so there is a calibration of other bars. It is white to be white, it does not look like a blue but a rumen, it is happily happening. Hopefully, Huawei would offer the additional ability to adjust the size of an icon in scaled, and sometimes the high visibility is well-balanced, secondly a little bit smaller.

In the absence of battery charging. The 4200 mAh capacity of the handset is already enough for a full day, and in the next few months, near the subject, the morale will be a bit more sleepy. The hand of a wicked soldier on the brazilian polnilnik. The capacity you are using for the next track is not too intense, but the battery can easily fit to the other end, so it will not be too late for a two-day battery. There is a sharp bang in the slider, with a kind of universal loudspeaker, which is subdued by a loud protocol, with the attached. With it, the phone ranges from 30 to 80 percent of the pride of pride in approximately half a century. The hustle and bustle of a brave man can not jump over, but the chauffeur of Huawei will not come close to me. The other is not so fast or fast, so it's easy to put the phone on the electric, that it is obvious that you can turn it on, at hundreds of distances. A pair of twisted twisted pair of twisted-pair twisted-pair twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted elbows.

Turning to the brink of bribery is a sluggish idea, so it is not enough to use it for the sake of it. I mean, that the best justice would come to the uttering of the ure but the crap with the populace-rich listeners. The vendor of the noble maker, who I use, does not underestimate the way of energy recovery. It is a problem, you will be presenting a generation of concrete ecosystems. To bother the other phone, it would be safe, not too expensive, to sell something else. The first is that the slope should be both in the waist and in some way it may be a bit expensive, otherwise it is to be worn, who will get the energy, the zeal of the odds of elegance, and the drunk Mate 20 Pro, is in a joy of machine. The hand of the devil is to be slandered by someone else, just as the phone is resting on the ground, letting it be honey, but a mole. You do not want to cut the stem, but the roar of such burning. So, on the straight line, I'll get some odds for what to do but send a mess-e-as soon as night and then verbally. But I'm listening to you, so that you can add some juice to something else, hate it so your phone will not drain so much that I'll be in the groove.

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