Sunday , May 16 2021

He stole the wallet and then simply pulled some cash on the ATM

An unknown perpetrator yesterday stole a bank card in the area of ​​Kranj Police Department damaged in a shopping mall, but then cash on the ATM increased even more. Damaged at the bank kept the PIN number.

According to police officer PU Kranj yesterday, late afternoon, the perpetrator stole the wallet in the shop of the injured, and after the theft he even increased at the ATM. He managed to do it quickly and easily because the PIN number of the bank card was stored next to the card in the wallet.

The photo is symbolic.PHOTO: AP

That's why they are warned to save PIN numbers."Bank cards are money, so treat them as other valuable things." Be careful, keep them in your possession, and remember your personal PIN. If you can not remember it, never save it with a card. " both at card transfer and at home, "wrote police officer PU Kranj.

In case of loss or theft of a bank card, it is best to cancel it as soon as possible. If you have this option, you may also be advised to include security SMS messages on using the card.

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