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Home remedy against annoying and painful glands

When stealing, in the months when our resistance is much more demanding, many people are encountered. If you are a woman, this information is valid for you as well.



The photo is symbolic

Causes of suffocation occur very little. From mechanical, like cuts, bites and aggressive foods and drinks to psychic, hormonal, genetic and health. Inflammation can occur when we are stressed or lacking in certain nutrients if we are allergic to or susceptible to a particular type of food, we experience hormonal changes or have family affinities, and some research is the cause of both gender and women should be much more prone to this problem . Applause is usually treated for one to two weeks, but some pharmaceutical formulations may be useful in the form of gels and disinfectants, but unfortunately, leave an unpleasant feeling and taste in your mouth and teeth. If you want to carry with your rear seats, of course, here are tips.


If you mix a teaspoon of salt with two decilitres of lukewarm water, you will get a salty solution that is great for washing your mouth when you are suffering from pimples, dental practitioners advised. Salty water is full and exfoliates the sores, which makes them faster to cure and simultaneously stops pain. The only unpleasant thing is the first contact with salt water, which can be pretty hot. But over time, pain changes nurturing in the affected area.

Use magnesium milk

Magnesium milk or magnesium hydroxide is widely used for medical purposes. We know it, for example, as an antidepressant or a remedy. And if its basic nature calms acid in the stomach, it can neutralize the acid in the mouth, which prevents the sore treatment. In addition, magnesium hydroxide forms some kind of protective film on aftah, which additionally protects them from exposure to acids. Dip with magnesium milk or rinse or apply to the wool sticks directly into the stalk.

Sodium bicarbonate

Because of its base base, it helps neutralize acid in the mouth that irritates the scalp while it cleanses and soothes. Prepare the rinse mixture in the same way as the saline solution.


Since the appearance of the wings is strongly associated with a weak immune system, enjoy fruit and greenery, grains and other natural sources of vitamins and minerals.


Affect may exacerbate some substances present in toothpaste and mouth water. Sodium lauryl sulphate, which is known under SLS, is a frother which greatly stimulates phthalate.

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