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How do residents of Slovenia go on a trip? The most wanted car.

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For citizens of Slovenia, personal vehicles are the most popular means of travel, which is 85% of all travel made by car. Following are the citizens of Portugal (80%), the Czech Republic (79%) and Spain and Bulgaria (77%).

On the other hand, cars were least used in Luxembourg and Cyprus (48%) and Ireland (49%).

The use of the train in Slovenia is declining

Photo: Radio Maribor / Tamara Zupanič Pupil

Aircrafts were mostly used by smaller islanders: Malta (63%), Cyprus (49%) and Ireland (43%). In six countries – Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Slovenia – this share was less than 10 percent.

Trips were mostly used in France (15 percent) and Germany (14 percent), both of which are well-known on a diverse rail network. The percentage of people traveling by train in Slovenia fell by 4.7 percentage points since the last survey in 2016.

Three quarters of travelers travel within the countries they are staying

Eurostat data show that 1.3 billion tourists travel to the EU. four percent more than in 2016, with an average travel of 5.1 days. These trips amounted to 6.4 billion overnight stays.

Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of all trips are made by EU residents within their countries of residence. Of the 27 percent travel abroad, 80 percent went to other members of the Union.

On average, the longest duration of the trip was for Greek residents (9.9 days), the smallest part of Romania (3.9 days). In Slovenia, the travel time of 4.3 days was somewhat below the EU average.

EU citizens used their own or rented personal travel vehicle (64% of cases). Travel follows aircraft (17 percent) and train (11 percent). Travel overseas dominated by air transport (56 percent of cases), while travel by car (76 percent) was used for domestic travel.

Nearly half (49%) of all EU travels were of tourist nature, 35% of cases were for relatives and friends visits, and 12% were official routes.

The best in Croatia

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The highest percentage of travel in the country of residence between all trips was achieved in Romania (94%), Spain (91%), Portugal (89%), Greece (88%), France (87%) and Bulgaria (86%). In the meantime, Luxembourg citizens (98 percent), Belgium (80 percent), Malta (68 percent) and Slovenia (62 percent) traveled the most in the rest of the world.

According to Slovenian Statistical Office, Slovenes are by far the largest number of foreign travels created in Croatia.

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