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Instead of working black coal? They work for 300 euros a month!

He has become the official, the sixth block of jobs does not create or solve, but destroys them. Coal must be imported as soon as possible.



Nobody is responsible for the desperate strategic planning of Slovenian energy, and the consequences are prone (the photo is symbolic).

column shock

"Falchers", as they call it a hole, come at the moment of the release of accumulated stresses on a particular part of the mining site. One of the main causes for them is the unusual digging and leaking of different pillars. Once they had no such problems with them, because the cave was better explored.

When it comes to investing in the sixth block of the Šoštanj (Teš) thermal power plant, we have heard about the operations that will be in Minski Carbon Velenje (PV) both of you preserved, A da Šalek valley knows exactly what to do next 40 years to bring in a third of electricity in Slovenia, then we listened to the director of Thermal Power Plant Šoštanj Uroš Rotnik, which refers to the German energy industry.

The words that were then spoken by authorities of access to knowledge of the state of the energy market now, of course, are ridiculous. Optimistic speculations on why to invest in TES is based on the assumption that electricity prices will rise.

The load is lowered down the cave

"Before deciding to build a 600-megawatt block, it is planned that coal will be excavated by 2025. By building B6, they promised that they will be in Kopati to Velenje in 2054. Personally, according to climate agreement obligations and above all geomechanical conditions (reduced security) that are the result of a intensive excavation, so the excavation will cease much earlier " explains Asmir Bečarević, Chairman of the Union of Mining and Energy Employees (SDRES).

It is now official: in Premalo Velenje (PV) there are 200 employees. Managing a company under leadership Ludwig Golob announces a reduction in labor costs by at least 10 percent, but does not exclude the possibility that salaries will not fall by five percent. The first cuts will not be seen on the payroll, but will be noticed during retirement. The Management believes that in the future, the voluntary supplementary pension insurance premium will only be paid in the amount of 50 percent.

"They are trying to get where they think their employees will be the least sick, and they also have retiring issues at the same time." Bečarević estimates.

The PV does not have the right to vote because its lignite requires only one customer, at a price of 2.75 euros per gigajul, which is not competitive on the market. It would be possible to raise the agreed price, but this should not be possible because it would be the Tesh business principle, which is already moving in red numbers. Only last year, the loss amounted to EUR 30 million, and next year it will not be better. The redistribution of the Slovenian Power Plant Holding (HSE) within the system does not get worse, losses are gains from others.

asmir becarevic


Bečarević is outraged that miners will reduce salaries and other labor costs, while rejecting over 60,000 overtime.

Better solutions: coal imports

Useful training

Retired after 20 years? Once upon a time he enjoyed a great reputation, with whom he also received a rewarded practice with which he retired after 20 years of service. This is an ancient history. Knap's bread with modern methods of excavating is no longer as difficult as before, but miners are increasingly exposed to the risk of crushing.

The alleged interests of coal importers, which have so far gone as a conspiracy theory, can ultimately be achieved. There is simply no lignite in Premogovnik Velenje – it is technically, but it is at such a depth and it is difficult to approach it so that its excavation is not economically difficult. Former Director PV Franc Žerdin a few years ago, warned that only well-researched areas of the basin were excavated in the past – such a relief of mountain pressures.

Now the Velenje mine is extended to the end of life – so new exploration paths have to be sought in areas with high geomechanical pressure – they are more frequent. The equipment money and research with which they neutralize it is and will not be.

Up to 10 percent of coal

The ecological permit already allows Tesla to import coal. In the 2014 update it is permissible to mix Velvet lignite with imported charcoal. But only ten percent. Sixth block technology is also being prepared for imported coal, as a franchise agreement with Alstom in France was signed in 2007 to deliver the appropriate technological equipment. Six to eight percent of the coal-fired lignite from Indonesia was also provided.

It's just money for the miners

"Miners are prisoners of merchants and lobbyists, but we are among the first in the power generation chain in RS and the first in the chain to ensure its reliable production" says Bečarević, who sees a lot of reserves. "Let's not forget that only HSE 2017 had a total revenue of as much as 1.6 billion euros, and we would point out that traders interrupt energy this year, paying millions of profits."

Money is and will be, but the energy system is not considered a whole, but its subsystems must cause a loss if others retain their profits.

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