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Iris Muley is her fiancée really in charge of her neck

Admir Barčić

, executive director of Dukley Marine in Budva, and the head of the US security service Shield Security Service in Kabul, known as the fiancé of one of our most famous models

Iris Mulej

, allegedly in the Christian court since November last year in the process of personal bankruptcy, the Slovenian novice reported.

Admir should pay creditors nearly 130 thousand euros. Barcic complained about it, but the court had not yet evaluated his objection. The item should come so far that the administrator of disability interferes with Barcic's house and garage in Jesenice, which is half of the property, and the car of a luxury brand.

Iris Mulej


My daughter Iris Muley are some of the most beautiful things you've seen!

Thus Barcic's financial problems for Zurnal24 commented on his fiancé Iris Mulej:

"As Admir commented on the media, this is the old thing that started 10 years ago, because he did not feel responsible, before embarrassing, he objected. He followed the bill of credit to the court for a forced personal bankruptcy where he objected and the thing was now where Admir is not overly burdened by his current counterpart, and this media pressure is more than a possible attempt to provoke to agree to the solution. "

Iris mulej bujna


Iris Muley was surprised by the surprise!

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