Tuesday , July 27 2021

Jamaican power Shamar Nicholson is too high for Gorizia

Ljubljana – Domžale won the direct rivals for 3rd place Gorizia in the second round of the 14th round of the 1st SNL with 3: 1 (2: 0). In Domzale, in the first half of the meeting, there was one-way rotation, against Gorica's neck. Now this power ratio had two goals for Domzali's goalkeepers Mateja Podlogar (10) i Shamar Nicholson (40). On the second goal goalkeeper Goriškog made a big mistake Gregor Sorcan, who eventually wins the ball and clears it away. Jamaican plakat in excellent shooting after having already won two goals against the Olympics on Sunday.

In the second half, Domzale threatened with the darkest scenario, as Goričani woke up. over it Semir Smajlagić (62) Shuttles reduced the void, but failed in full rotation. The Domžale did not allow them to spend along the advantages of the two goals in the third consecutive game. During the crisis, Nicholson scored another goal in the game. On the ladder, Domzale approached Gorizia in just 2 points.

Order: Maribor 33, Olimpija 29, Gorica 22, Domžale 20, Mura and Celje after 19, Aluminum 17, Triglav and Rudar 15, Krško 12.

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