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Jansa wins, the left-wing government – homeland

"The victory at the last elections, in the elections to the European Parliament, was the ninth victory of the Slovene Democratic Party since we were in. Ninth victory, nine of them won in May this year, and there is, of course, no other party in Slovenia that would have such a balance."

SDS president Janez Jansa addressed a crowd of members and supporters of the Slovene Democratic Party at the traditional camp at Bovec, which is taking place at that time.

The possibility of the 10th victory, which he says "must be great," according to him, is in activating the "good people" who are not going to volunteer, choosing the poor government.

New old European party member Milan Zver warned of trapping internal pluralism in the party. According to him, factions in the party have been destroyed by a strong LDS and SKD, so they can not agree on their formation.

In our homeland, we have been questioning the withdrawal of the SDS at all elections since the first parliamentary victory in 2004 until today. However, in the editorial comment we are dealing with disagreement between the number of victories of the strongest Slovenian party and the time in power.

Janez Janša has traditionally provided around 3,000 members of the party with an analysis of Slovenian political space and the role of the SDS in it. He pointed out that we have a government that claims to be out of the affirmation that it has received majority support from people, and at the same time say they are a minority government.

"In the European Union, where Slovenia is a member, there are 10 or even 11 countries with a minority government, but everywhere the minority government is run by the party that won, not the party that lost the elections" Jansa said, adding that the story was repeated after the European elections.

"Our common list with SLS has convincingly won these elections, and the European Commission team is the ones who have lost the elections, and that is convincing."

Jansa blamed the government for lack of ambition, which for the third time has been shown by delegating its people to European institutions. According to him, there are lost opportunities, because money in the EU is enough. "Instead, the whole government takes care of disabling about 100 children who go to elementary school in the same place, they are 300,000 euros a year, and propose referendums, violate the constitution, write laws that are unconstitutional … But there would be respect what is the first task of every government, ie work on the common good, exploiting the opportunities that the country has in the country and in Europe, which is a ninth concern. "

Faced with the three-way election victory, SDS president is pleased with the membership of about 2,000 new members. "Our younger generation is growing again, even in cities, which has been a problem for some time now."

The next period was described as the tenth time for the tenth victory. As she says, she does not doubt her, but they need "a big victory". "The size of this victory will largely depend on whether the good people will go to the polls, said Jansa.

Janez Janša: "Everyone in your meetings meets people who know they are capable, you know they are successful, have achieved a lot in life, but you also know they did not go out. You also know that they have a lot to say about everything that is wrong. We must convince you to break the way to our 10th election victory, which must be great … "

Milan Zver: We are different because we are closely connected and uniformed

The new / old European deputy and vice-president of the party, Milan Zver, specifically called for unity in the party.

"At the beginning of the 1990s, the major media reported that the parties should be in the plural, that factionalities in the party should be something good and that some of the competitors have taken it seriously, SKD and LDS among them, and both sides have failed" he drew attention to the danger of internal pluralism.

He added that SDS members do not share interests, do not enjoy power, or any material reason, but "The values ​​and goals we have put together are what we are and it has always been our client." According to him, if they are sufficiently unified and not divided, they will again assume responsibility for land management in the future.

All SDS victories

The Slovene Democratic Party on the Slovenian political scene since its independence (initially as a Social Democratic Party). Her first election victory came in 2004 at national and local elections (according to the number of votes for municipal / city councils).

At the most important, national elections, the party won the highest number of votes only once, last year. It won the last three European elections and, in the number of votes for municipal / city councils, the last four local elections.

At the state level, the ruling party has survived 9 years: the first two years in the Demos government and two years in the government of Janez Drnovšek in the vicinity of the village of Depal. As the leading party of the government, the entire mandate of 2004-2008 One year between 2012 and 2013, after the relative election winner Zoran Jankovic, failed to make the government.

The status quo, with which everyone is obviously satisfied

Janez Jansa must be put; The SDS is the most powerful party in Slovenia by membership, organization, stability and number of election wins.

Unfortunately, in spite of this, despite the nine election wins of the SDS in the country, most of the time, the political left is in power.

The reasons for this are numerous analyzes and disagreements, especially within the right center. Estimates such as a recent homeland interview Dr. Janez Pogorelec also repeated, that it would be difficult to make the right government without change, and that a right-wing breakthrough can only happen after Jansa's withdrawal, they are not wrapped in a vineyard.

On the other hand, we are at home already commented, the expectation that the SDS president should act in a way beyond the benefit of the party he leads does not exist in real politics. In other words – if the SDS party is always satisfied with (only) the relative victory, but not the real possibility of taking over power, or, more importantly, if its voters are always satisfied, it is their democratic right.

In Slovenia, sometimes, there seems to be some kind of free will with the status quo behind the backdrop of political folklore for voters among political elites. On the one hand, Janez Jansa is satisfied with his circuit "Nine election victories as there are"However, the political left holds power in this or that form in the country.

That is why he speaks in Bovec, with always new recycling of the myth of great injustice and stolen elections, they are becoming more or less the same year from year to year. Only in Milan Zveru has this time caused a warning against internal pluralism and a call to political unity – something that at this time, at least from the time of Hvalica, no need to call it.

The latter shows that accusations of the radical wing support, which demand from him and the SDS interruption with the European People's Party, share his self-esteem and, to some extent, triggered an alert in the party. Lack of ambition, or inability to take over authority, who knows, may find someone else in membership.

Also, it will be interesting to observe which levers you can move status quo, which lasted for a period of time between left and right political blocks in the country (reflected in the ratio of 2: 1 in polls and election results at the National Assembly). At this point, this mysterious position seems to be in front of the inside they create external influences.

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